Lynn Compton wins race, loses restraining order

June 20, 2018

Supervisor Lynn Compton

Lynn Compton has continued to hold a lead over Jimmy Paulding in the race for the San Luis Obispo County District 4 supervisor seat, according to the latest count reported Wednesday. Compton has 9,183 votes to Paulding’s 9,128 votes. [Cal Coast Times]

With only 46 ballots which could possibly be counted and Compton’s 55-vote lead, Paulding is unable to overtake Compton.

Last week, Compton filed a lawsuit against SLO County Clerk Recorder Tommy Gong asking him to stop allowing ballots with mismatched signatures to be corrected and counted. Compton asked Gong to stand by his previous determination that gave voters eight days to correct their ballots whether they forgot to sign the envelope or their signatures did not match.

Judge Barry LaBarbera initially granted a temporary restraining order but ruled on Wednesday against Compton. Because of the ruling, Gong can process the 34 remaining mismatched signature ballots if those ballots are corrected before he finishes the count.

Stew Jenkins, one of Compton’s attorneys, said he disagrees with the court’s ruling.

“We are pleased the court gave us a significant hearing on the request for temporary orders,” Jenkins said. “We disagree with the reasoning and the ruling and look forward to a full hearing on the merit that is scheduled for Aug. 2.

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Thats good news that Lynn will keep her seat, now if only we had gotten rid of Gibson we might be able to settle down and get on with business instead of the petty dealings we’re stuck with from hill and gibson.


We can all rest a little easier tonight with the victory by Supervisor Compton!

As taxpayers, we cannot afford idealogical liberals who want to raise our taxes and grow big government, at our expense.

I guess every vote counts!

Keep SLO Free!


The Regressive Right, The Party of Trump, The New Republican Conservative Authoritarian Party has absolutely no moral ground to stand on for you, George, to even suggest the “ideological liberals” are this country’s problem. Do some reading on your contention that it’s Democrats/Liberals/Progressives are the cause of bigger government and higher taxes. Start here and then do your own homework (that is if you can get that cheap a$$ China manufactured MAGA baseball cap out of your eyes for a just one fricken second and get off your high-and-mighty soap box that seams to be causing you oxygen deprivation)…

And in truth, it’s not less government The New Republican Conservative Authoritarian Party, or it’s more reasonable predecessor The Republican Party, wants, nope! What they actually want is a more controlling, wide reaching and intrusive government with just less people on the job pulling this chit! You know, fiscal responsibility with a touch of fascism?

Hey George, I think you hit a nerve…

And if that is the only reason he repeatedly calls out the progressive/liberal/democrats, and the rest of his lions, tigers and bears, while ignoring the sins of The New Republican Conservative Authoritarian Party, he ain’t hittin’ no nerve, he’s slammin’ head first into reality. Just like you just did…


I agree with Shelworth!

Obviously, some of our whacky, far-left progressive ‘friends’ just cannot stand being called out on their balcony, and I definitely hit a nerve with my spot-on criticisms of the big government philosophy. The ultra-left is so sanctimonious that any perceived criticism draws immediate put downs and whining, sad.

San Luis Obispo ought to abandon the SLO Progressives.

Saying something over and over again, (such as the New Republican Conservative Authoritarian Party), does not make it so. I have no problem with Democrats, but they are getting fewer and farther between, having lost control of their party to the Progressives, and all their wonderful groups such as Atifa, BLM, Occupy Whatever. Unfortunately, in this day and age you have to pick one side or the other. I will pick the side of the Constitution and Law thank you very much. You may have the open border, welfare for all, no personal responsibility party.

Talk about hittin’ a nerve, and I got two-for-one! The difference is I’ll be man enough to say that’s exactly what I intended to do, kids!

Check this out kids; my “put downs and whining” and “sanctimonies” is your “spot-on criticisms” that you hand out like candy. My “Saying something over and over again” is your “being called out on their balcony” that The New Republican Conservative Authoritarian Party does time-and-time again without regard to accuracy just to get their base frothing at the mouth and grabbin’ for their guns. The ” and all their wonderful groups such as Atifa, BLM, Occupy Whatever.” is your KKK, Skin Heads, Nazis, Identity Christians, Tea Party, White Nationalists and the rest of the racist bigoted groups that endorsed and still supports The New Republican Conservative Authoritarian Party’s leader, you know, Czar Trump?! Groups that the likes of you two gave resurrection to, a voice to, and a sense of purpose to by supporting the one they supported without once calling out for your Czar to denounce them.

You know what really cracks me up though? How you’ll grab at your Constitution whenever someone insults your misplaced sensibilities and fricked up patriotism when you stood by and let The Patriot Act get by without a complaint, don’t bitch about the NSA continued eavesdropping on millions of American’s phone calls and emails, and don’t even let out a whimper when we all but lost our due process, equal protection and protection against unreasonable search an seizure rights.

Law? What law? The law that states that all men are created equal? The law that states that any person that is on this American soil, no matter their citizenship status, is protected by the same laws (tons of lawful Supreme Court published decisions have established that)? Or are you speaking of The New Republican Conservative Authoritarian Party’s leaders “executive orders” that keep hittin’ brick walls in even the most conservative courts?!!

Two-for-one day! I like it! A lot!

Enough, Everyone: Discuss the subject at hand not each other.

Not saying anyone is wrong, am saying you can’t fill pages with circular complaining and picking on each other.

You can down vote me hopefully next week when the php conflict gets resolved.