Machete wielding man attempts carjacking

June 22, 2018

Deputies arrested a Santa Maria man on Friday who allegedly attempted a carjacking while armed with a machete, according to a Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department press release. [Cal Coast Times]

Shortly before noon, a man was attempting to break into a vehicle at the Point Sal Trailhead when the owners of the car approached him. While wielding a machete, the suspect demanded the victims give him their car keys.

After he heard patrol vehicle sirens approaching, the suspect fled through a creek. During a search of the area, deputies located two machetes in the creek bed.

An area resident then notified law enforcement a man had walked through a field near the creek and into his home.

While checking the outside of the home, deputies located 20-year-old Brandon Jonathan Morales-Gomez hiding in an old hot tub.

Deputies arrested Morales-Gomez on suspicion of carjacking, robbery, theft of a vehicle, burglary and brandishing a weapon and booked him into jail with his bail set at $100,000.


“identarian”, adjective: Relating to or supporting the political interests of a particular racial, ethnic, or national group, typically one composed of Europeans or white people. – Oxford Dictionaries

At least you’re no too covert about it, there sport!


Here we go again with the bullchit bigoted racist remarks without a shred of evidence, mentioned or otherwise, to this persons citizenship status (and unlike others I did a little homework before riskin’ stickin’ my leg down my throat ….

I doubt very much that a person named “Brandon Jonathan Morales-Gomez” is anything but an American Citizen (you can’t even translate his first and middle name into Spanish), but that isn’t even a consideration for The New Republican Conservative Authoritarian Party, as anyone with an Hispanic surname is of course “illegal”, and should be at least deported.

Didn’t this type of bullchit happen in the past? Where 12 or so million people were exterminated? Oh yea, the Nazis, right! Started the same way too, right? Have the controlling political party demonize them, dehumanize them by taking away their rights, convince the population the risk they pose, take their kids from them, deport them and then gas ’em, remember?!!!

Führer und Reichskanzler Trump is so proud of his converts…


Is this the start of the second step of the six I outlined above? Oh, you betcha it is, and any citizen who backs it is as un-American as they could possibly be…

“When somebody comes in, we must immediately, with no Judges or Court Cases, bring them back from where they came.” – Führer und Reichskanzler Trump, 6/24/2018, USA Today


He is just a small fry not big enough to keep.Catch and release.Need the room in the jails for more serious criminals like murderers. Thanks Jerry and Gavin.


Another of Santa Maria, the “all american city” finest citizens.


Yup. hard working, honest, law-abiding proud to be an American. . Don’t worry, he will be out in no time as our political[ correct American Cartel Politicians put millions in the new Budget just released for the legal protection of the systems abused “new citizens”.


SLOBIRD, can I ask a pertinent question? Yes! Well thanks bud!!!

How did you come to the conclusion that Mr. Morales-Gomez is a “new citizen”? Can’t be his age, he’s 20 years old after all, while that doesn’t make him and “old citizen” it sure as hell is a long way from being a new one, right? Is it maybe because he’s a first generation American, the article doesn’t say anything about that, but maybe you know him personally? Maybe you’re a immigrant psychic, reading the cilantro leaves at Walmart, gettin’ information no one else seems to have?

I’m tryin’ way hard to give you an out bud, so help me out here, would ya please? Or will you just sit there moot, stick to your guns and relegate Mr. Morales-Gomez to your imaginary world of every immigrant, undocumented or otherwise, bein’ a killer and rapist of good white American women?

I’ll leave with this; without proof you’ve no reason to think this man isn’t anything but a citizen. To enflame others with straight bullchit isn’t only irresponsible it’s down right un-American bud! Deal with the crime Mr. Morales-Gomez is accused of doing, let the rest of your imaginary phobias out of your posts as it only reveals what you truly are….


Dang! What was he on?


Just tryin’ to emulate Danny Trejo? Or maybe auditioning for Machete II, “Just Lookin’ For A ride, Amigo”. Just sayin’….