SLO County destroys 2.63 tons of marijuana

June 23, 2018

San Luis Obispo County staffers seized 2,600 marijuana plants weighing 2.63 tons from six illegal grows in the Isolated and sparsely populated California Valley on Thursday, according to the county. [Cal Coast Times]

Several years ago, commercial pot farms sprung up on numerous parcels of land in this desolate area adjacent to the Carrizo Plain National Monument. At that time, law enforcement put the number of fenced half-acre to two-and-a-half-acre farms at more than 200.

Because of issues with insufficient water, small parcels, the endangered kangaroo rat and crime, the SLO County Board of Supervisors voted for zoning laws that bar marijuana cultivation in the California Valley. However, while some growers followed county zoning laws others did not.

County inspectors then sent letters to the owners of multiple illegal pot grows to either stop growing and remove the plants or the county would abate the nuisance.

On June 21, county officials served six abatement warrants on properties in California Valley. As a result, over two tons of illegal cannabis was seized and destroyed.

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I hope the County assessed all costs against the properties so that this is not an expense that promises more crappy road maintenance.

The solution is very, very simple:

ALL marijuana grows should be done through the SLO Co.Planning Dept. AND they should ALL be indoor.

Nothing outdoor.

That way, water has to be permitted, as does the building. Buildings are secured and protect marijuana from pests, theft, and children. Buildings and permitting allow for inspections and agents to perform their jobs efficiently. This also make taxation easier, as well as the tracking from “seed to sale” as required by the DEA and other agencies.

And lasty, Thank God this FINALLY happened!!!

I went to Humboldt State, as did my husband, and are very pro-marijuana. Especially for medical use. But what happened in Cal Valley was illegal, and stupid. Worse, in an area well-known for NO WATER, the County of SLO has allowed unchecked well drilling. A moron could tell the county wherever you allow a new well without ANY STRUCTURES you are allowing another illegal grow to happen.

I’m not sure if it’s job security, or easy revenue, or just plain stupidity, but SLO Co. ALLOWED this to happen. 100%.

We called them every time we noticed a new, illegal grow….as well as the multiple squatters that accompany them. The lack of energy from our County was immediately felt. And noticed by every dirt bag pot grower within a 1000 mile radius. Like a magnet.

You’re essentially forcing many people who use cannabis for medical reasons into the black market. Indoor grows require large initial setup cost, require significant indoor space, and waste a ton of power. You’re forcing people to pay $300/oz for something that grows quite easily in the $30/pound range. If your goal is to keep the prices high and support a thriving black market, you’re going to succeed.

Amen! But isn’t that the goal anyway, to make it another corporate windfall at the cost of working class people? I am wondering now that corporate America has seen the things to come with cannabis, have seen the potential of a dual market, recreational use and medicinal value, both with low risk involved with it use, how they won’t take control of this market as well, to the ruin of affordable prices.

Can I make a suggestion? NO? Oh well, here it is anyway…. Do not let publicly traded corporations into the cannabis market place. Don’t allow cannabis to be publicly traded on any market, becoming perverted by speculators, investment and venture capitalists. Make this a small manufacturing boon for “Mom-and-Pop” growers and small personal dispensaries. I know that big pharm’ is already looking for ways to profit from this, and that our government already holds most of the patents associated with it’s medicinal use and has been doling out research and manufacturing rights to big pharm’, that’s already goin’ on and will never be stopped, so restrict the personal recreational or herbal medicinal use market to only those I’ve outline above.

Pot is all about relaxation, taking a moment away from the grind and just kicking back and enjoyin’ the current moment of reprieve from the usual day-to-day, hour-to-hour, minute-to-minute daily bullchit we put up with in our working class lives, don’t let the corporate hawks ruin it! They got their Remy Martin, let ’em have all of it! Just leave my cannabis alone!

People should just grow it at home for personal use. That way you know that there are no bad pesticides on it, not true with the black market stuff. Of course that means no taxes so….

Why shouldn’t the person wishing to start a cannabis business get to experience the same anti-business environment along with all the regulations and expensive requirements that many other businesses in California get to deal with thanks to our elected officals

They would, you can’t see that in AG as an example? It’s under more scrutiny then any other start-up, and will continue to be because of it’s past demonization that has left some of the general public, and most of the right, still convinced it’s deserving of it’s schedule 1 classification with the FDA.

These are the growing pains that legal cannabis was destined to go through; changing the opinion of those that don’t partake to at least the point of indifference is the current challenge, along with changing the views of the feds’ so it’s taken from the schedule 1 list and legalized nationwide. When cannabis gets to that point, maybe to the point of public advertising like alcohol, it will become just another norm and accepted as part of the American culture, where adults are considered smart enough and mature enough to make their own choices about it and enjoy it responsibly.

shelworth… Growing it at home isn’t as easy as all that, it’s a very labor intensive plant that grows best with a lot of attention, and indoors grows are costly as hell considering the electricity consumed by the proper equipment necessary and water use. Any plant does better in it’s natural setting, including cannabis…

Whatever you qualify a moron to be, a well is a must before anything else can happen. No water of good quantity and quality then nothing else.

Big mistake here. I can tell from the photos that there was only 2.625 tons. I believe we should launch an investigation into the missing weed.

Hell, they could have just called me and I would have “burned” it for ’em, free of charge…

The article is just a bit misleading for those that are not “he(m)p” to cannabis; it sounds like a lot but out of that 2,500 plants it depends on how many were budding and many how weren’t, or if they had recently been harvested. Outdoor grows tend to have plants that yield more, I’ve read about plants that have yielded 10lbs and have personally seen right at 4lbs taken from one in a neighbors crop. There is no real way of giving an average though because without knowing the breed, how it was taken care of, who the growers were and the type of care they took it’s almost impossible to even formulate an average. From the picture though it looks to be stalks, stems and leaves with no apparent flowers so there probably either young or harvested.

If I knew how to attach a photo to this sight I’d share a photo of an absolute monster, as tall as a small pine, as big around as a Rhododendron and flowers looking to be huge!