20 structures destroyed in Central Coast fire, videos

July 7, 2018

A wildfire burning in the foothills above Goleta has consumed 50 to 80 acres and destroyed 20 structures. The wind-whipped brush fire is 5 percent contained. [Cal Coast Times]

The blaze, which authorities call the Holiday Fire, broke out Friday evening off Holiday Hill Road near North Fairview Avenue. Officials quickly ordered evacuations as wind-blown flames rapidly advanced in temperatures of nearly 100 degrees.

Authorities initially issued mandatory evacuations orders for residents on the mountain side of Cathedral Oaks Road.

At about 11 p.m., officials expanded the evacuation area to include everything north of Cathedral Oaks between Patterson Avenue on the east and La Patera Lane on the west.

A firefighter puts water on flames at a home on Fairfield Avenue in Goleta.


Firefighters battling the blaze near Fairfield Avenue.


Another of many tragic events under way in Ca yet again. Was it global warming? Is it so hot the brush was ignited by spontaneously combustion? I dont see any lightning events in the forecast do you, guess we can rule that out. Whats needed for fire? fuel, oxygen and a source of ignition, that would be the people part, damn shame.