Is there a serial rapist assaulting women in SLO?

July 13, 2018

In similar fashion to an incident earlier this week in SLO, an armed man broke into a San Luis Obispo home early Friday and attempted to sexually assault two women inside the residence. [Cal Coast Times]

Shortly before 6 a.m., a man broke into a residence in the 1500 block of Osos Street through an unlocked window. Two 20-year-old women awoke to find a man in their bedroom.

Armed with a knife, the man threatened to harm the women if they screamed. He then attempted to sexually assault the women.

The women fought the suspect, and he fled the residence. The women describe the suspect as a Hispanic male in his 40s, who is about 5 feet 7 inches tall and heavy set.

Five days earlier, in the early morning hours of Sunday, a woman in her 20s awoke to find a male stranger in her bedroom. The man was holding a sharp object and threatened to harm her if she screamed.

The man sexually assaulted the woman before running away and evading officers.

Police describe the suspect in Sunday’s incident as a Hispanic male in his late 30s, who is about 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs about 150 pounds.

Police believe the assaults mat be related, according to a press release.

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slomark, in the “man assaults senior citizen” article, cal coast doesn’t report that the assailant is a white male. Just saying.

It should say he is white, for sure. Anything that helps identification.

Interesting, at the KSBY site, their story does not include in the suspect’s description that he is hispanic. I see they also have a story of a hispanic family who was shoplifting and they do not say they are hispanic. I guess political correctness is better than helping catch criminals.

And what if all of these Hispanics are American Citizens, bred, born and raised here? What then? The story of the family shoplifting came with a video, why would you need a description? Just to further inflame folks? Or just to further you agenda, slomark?

Why do you need a description? Are you serious? It’s because the suspect are on the loose. They’ve offered the general height, weight, age of the suspects. Anything else further to help narrow down the range of suspects is useful. Were they bald, were they Asian, did they have tattoos? Are you so sensitive about race that if known, you should not say white, black, brown….?

I could not care less if they are American citizens or not. That is not a visual clue for identification.

Like I said, a video is available for the purpose of description now and identification later on down the road…

Wouldn’t want to give any clues to what the perp might look like now would we?? Video? where on KSBY? Yeah OK, after the 40 F’ing commercials, pop up ads, spam, bla,bla,bla, we’ll all make sure to watch it.

His MO is a shadow of the EAR of the 70/80s