Man assaults 67-year-old woman in SLO, video

July 13, 2018


San Luis Obispo police are searching for an unidentified man who assaulted 67-year-old woman at a senior living complex on Tuesday morning. [Cal Coast Times]

The woman was taking out her trash when she noticed a black truck partially blocking her driveway and two men outside the truck who appeared to be involved in a transaction, the victim said. She asked the men to move it along, and the younger man became verbally abusive and swung at the elderly woman.

During the altercation, the young man dropped his phone.

While the victim filmed the incident with her cell phone, the young man wearing a “Warriors” shirt with sunglasses, a backwards hat and a backpack is seen walking up to her and taking a swipe at her with his right hand.

“You do not come at me,” the victim said.

The suspect responds by saying, “You just broke my phone.”

After the man takes a swipe at the victim, she says, “You are now getting it for assault.” She also screams “Call 911. Call 911.”

The man in the Warriors shirt then walks away from the property.

As the video is ending, the man who was affiliated with the assailant approaches the elderly woman, who tells him, “You don’t come towards me.”

Police are circulating a photo of the man wearing the Warriors shirt. A statement issued by police on social media says the man was trespassing on a property near the intersection of Pismo and Carmel streets. The suspect tried to hit the phone out of the hand of the elderly woman but hit her instead, according to police.

Investigators are trying identify the man and police are seeking him for elder abuse. Anyone who recognizes the suspect is asked to call the police department at (805) 781-7312 and reference case number 180710028.

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A comment suggesting murder of a human has been removed, additional suggestions of this nature will get your account closed.

Knowing: Right on. I would suggest hard time in prison.

Don’t tell me let me guess. Another tweaker. Night of the living brain dead.

punk. your mother must be so proud

How would you refer to this individual to show distaste.

And you’re right, maybe punk is too soft a word.

How would you phrase it?

Put up some posters at cal poly fraternities, you’ll find him.

Right-on Side Show Bob.

The elderly are being abused nationally. No one seems to get involved to help those who cannot defend themselves.

Something very wrong going on in this country.

And hey Side Show Bob, there are those who will disagree with you, until they become a victim of an attack… and then the’ll cry out for someone to help them, and those will be the ones whom they denigrated for being so callous in their statements.

This punk needs to be found and spend a few weeks in jail. She was lucky.

I guess your “right on” was in regards to now arming our senior citizens as slomark suggested, right?

If you did a little research you’d find that the majority of seniors that are being “abused” are getting that treatment from either folks of their own age, or from family members in their own homes, or at the hands of staff at long term care facilities. Most crimes targeting seniors are financial scams usually perpetrated over the phone, via the internet or through mailings, how would a gun help them? Actual violent crimes are lower in the senior community then in the 12 to 24 year old community, so should we arm our pre-teens as well? Jeeeez! When does the idea of more guns in more peoples hands get a rest? Maybe after a shoot-out at the local convalescent home?

What happened to this women was regrettable and speaks loudly of the current culture of violence that seems to permeate every part of our lives. What’s more regrettable is how some latch on to that regrettable act to further their ill-conceived agenda of an armed citizenry..

AmericaTheFree… I think you’re reading too much into some of these statements. I am well aware of the statistics, I teach it. I also believe you understand what was meant, as such, it was not about arming grandma or teens.

Your “right on” to a poster who outright said that by arming this senior woman it would have somehow stopped this incident is the only thing I could understand from your post. The rest seemed to be window dressing geared to suggest anyone that hasn’t been a victim can’t possibly have any worthwhile opinion on any subject like this.

If you teach this, as you say, you should know the importance and necessity to teach in such a manner to reach the broadest possible audience; especially in a place that reaches out and makes itself available to anyone, no matter their education level, such as CCN.

Your “belief” that I understood what it was you were actually saying, combined with your “I teach it” comment, is actually a very kind way of saying “You don’t know what you’re talking about, and I do!” or “Get an education!”

Rather than kindly insulting me why not try and kindly educate me, Teacher.

Maximum charge.

“California wants desperately to remove all firearms from its citizenry…” Nope! Not correct Side_Show_Bob, not at all! All most Californians want is the long guns that were designed and are meant for military applications removed from the public. That’s it! No more “Modern Sporting Rifles” (AR’s), no more bump stocks, no more extended large capacity clips/magazines (yea, I know the difference), no more military purpose designed weapons on our streets. Pretty simple…

Just one other thing… Did you know that the State of California knows of over 10,000 individuals who own guns who shouldn’t? Did you know that they have been allocated millions of dollars to get these guns out of the hands of these folks? Did you know that it has been an abysmal failure to date?

Yea, if only every women had an AR strapped around her shoulders, or a 9mm strapped to her waist this world would be a safer place. Get real!