Man points gun at Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s deputy

July 7, 2018

Alfonoso Garcia Diaz

While having a reported mental breakdown on July 4, a Carpinteria man pointed a replica gun at a Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s sergeant. [Cal Coast Times]

The incident ended peacefully, and authorities arrested Alfonoso Garcia Diaz, 35.  Investigators determined it was actually a pellet gun that Diaz pointed at the sergeant.

At about 9 p.m., a person reporting that Diaz, who was not with them at the time, had been making suicidal statements. Deputies searched for Diaz but did not find him.

About an hour later, the witness called back, saying Diaz was in the area of Maple Avenue and Citrus Place in Carpinteria. Several deputies arrived in the area and began searching for Diaz.

Within minutes, a patrol sergeant spotted Diaz in front of an apartment building and pointed his vehicle’s spotlight in Diaz’s direction.

Suddenly, Diaz pointed a black handgun at the sergeant and threatened him. Diaz then ran into a nearby apartment.

The sergeant was seated in his patrol vehicle at the time. He quickly drove to a position of cover and called for backup.

Several deputies arrived at the apartment complex. With the complex surrounded, a female came outside and informed deputies that Diaz was inside an apartment with his children.

Deputies worked with the female who asked Diaz to come outside without the weapon and with his hands in the air. Diaz complied, and the incident came to a peaceful resolution.

While searching the apartment, deputies found a replica Smith & Wesson M&P handgun which was actually a .177 caliber pellet gun.

No one suffered injuries during the incident. Authorities booked Diaz into the Santa Barbara County Jail on charges of brandishing a replica firearm and having a misdemeanor warrant for his arrest.


Suicide by cop”