Morro Bay Mayor Jamie Irons will not run for reelection

July 6, 2018

Morro Bay Mayor Jamie Irons

Following three terms in office, Morro Bay Mayor Jamie Irons will opt not to run for reelection. [Cal Coast Times]

Irons said it is time for him to step away now that the city is nearing completion of the update to its general plan, and Morro Bay will potentially be replacing its old sewage plant with a new water reclamation facility. But, Irons said he and his wife Monica Irons, who is the city of San Luis Obispo’s human resources director, plan to remain involved in the community.

In 2013, shortly after taking office, Irons called for the firing of Morro Bay’s two top executives, then-city manager Andrea Lueker and then-city attorney Rob Schultz. Irons eventually obtained a majority vote from the council, which reached separation agreements with Schultz and Lueker.

Irons then survived a recall effort, which fell slightly short of achieving the amount of signatures needed to prompt a recall election. Irons was subsequently reelected in 2014 and 2016.

It is unclear who will now enter the mayor’s race.

Dawn Addis

Meanwhile, in the Morro Bay council race, Dawn Addis, the co-founder and organizer of the Women’s March San Luis Obispo, has announced she will run for a seat.

“If the last couple of years have taught me anything, it’s that every single election and every single voice matters,” Addis stated on her campaign website.

The seats currently held by councilmen John Headding and Matt Makowetski are up for election in November. It is not clear if the incumbents will run for reelection.

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Despite what the trolls try to claim here, the fact remains that Jaimie Irons has been a disaster for Morro Bay, and I wouldn’t doubt if ‘America the Free’ wasn’t, in fact, Mr. Ironhead himself!

Most of the comments here are ripping the guy and his failed policies because now taxpayers are financing his boondoggle project with their hard-earned tax dollars, and our liberal friends just cannot seem to understand that it is the taxpayers who are forced to foot the bill for these wing-nut lamebrains.

Also, in my humble opinion, Dawn Addis IS NOT fit to be the leader of Morro Bay, and protesting the current administration, although faddish, does not prepare one to lead at all. Ms. Addis may impress her whacky, ultra-liberal friends with the activists BS, but most of us already know her policies will be a disaster for working families and senior citizens.

Speak truth to power.

Just saying,


What I’m sure you meant George was “Ms. Addis may impress her whacky, ultra-liberal friends with the “WOMENS” activists BS,” ’cause after all, it’s that movement that most threatens the Regressive Right, right?!!

Let me help you out of the darkness of your misogamy, or better yet, show everyone just how deep it is:

Abby Kelley, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Lucretia Mott, Lucy Stone, Victoria Woodhull,

Julia Ward Howe, Susan B. Anthony, Antoinette Brown Blackwell, Carrie Chapman Catt, Ida B. Wells, Jane Addams, Lucy Burns, Eleanor Roosevelt, Alice Paul, Harriette Moore, Ella Baker, and the list could go on…

All of these women were activists, all of them! A couple have won Noble Peace Prizes, at least one was outright murdered for her activism (Harriet Moore) while all of them changed the landscape of this country for the better. The thing that should worry a misogamist? All of these women did it in a much more hostile environment, seeped with religious bigotry, accepted gender discrimination (with some it was coupled with the accepted racial discrimination of the day) and worldly condemnation at every turn. So, if you think the type of misogamy you appear to project has a chance? All I can say is “Good Frickin’ luck with all that!”

This country was founded by “activists”. The first person to the last off the Mayflower were the true first American Activists. All that penned and signed our Constitution were activists. All that spilled their blood in the American Revolution on the side of the colonies were activists. All that spilled there blood on the side of the Union during the Civil War were activists. All that have served, spilled blood and died protecting this country are activists and did so protecting the Constitutions protection of the activist’s rights.

To outright state that activism is BS is about as American as the sickle and hammer is to the American Flag, it ain’t!

Let’s talk about the only candidate mentioned here as a possible successor to Mayor Jamie Irons seat:

Dawn Addis –

Professional Experience:

Teacher on Special Assignment

San Luis Coastal Unified School District

August 2014 – Present (4 years)

Special Education Teacher

San Luis Coastal Unified School District

August 2001 – June 2014 (12 years 11 months)

Reading Specialist (Spanish)

San Luis Coastal Unified School District

January 2008 – June 2010 (2 years 6 months)


San Francisco State University

Master of Arts (M.A.), Special Education and Teaching

2000 – 2003


Public Speaking, Facilitation Leadership, Community Engagement, Youth Empowerment

“In 2016, recognizing that she could no longer work on the sidelines to create change Addis took a leap of faith and decided to enter the public arena of community organizing. She put her skills and voice to work, drawing 10,000 people to the Women’s March in San Luis Obispo, the largest single-day demonstration in San Luis Obispo’s history. Since then, the WMSLO has become a premier Central Coast organization focused on transformative social change.”


Co-founder of the SLO Women’s March (

All of which is admirable. However, no managerial experience. No experience with budgeting and coordinating departments. No business experience of any kind. No leadership training, either civilian or military. I’m sure that she’s a wonderful person, truly. But ready to run a city government? Not in my opinion.

C’mon, do you even know Mr. Irons? George “Popodopolis” Bailey, quit spitting on strangers and gossiping when you don’t have the faintest clue about Morro Bay. You haven’t done jack for the fine people of MB. The only thing that you have done for America was to put on deodorant today!

irons, christine johnson and noah smuckler got the city of morro bay into the sewer mess, asking the coastal commission to deny a 34 million dollar project and inserted a project that has now ballooned to 150 million +, and now they have all run away. its surprising they even have the audacity to show their faces in morro bay. good riddence to all of them and hopefully we can move in a different direction.


Jaime Irons has been a complete disaster!

The citizen taxpayers of Morro Bay are fortunate this liberal wing nut is not running again, and his ‘vision’ for the future of Morro Bay is clearly too expensive and not working for senior citizens and working families.

The people of Morro Bay deserve better than ultra-liberal, big government activist-types, and the problem with those delusional people is they always want to spend tax dollars in such a way that working families are forced to relocate.

Hopefully Jamie Irons will decide to relocate his own family.


And where in SLO County can you find a place that isn’t “…clearly too expensive and not working for senior citizens and working families” Where? And isn’t it the right that is still the majority party in the county, right? So what the frick’ is really happenin” George? Is it the wing nut lefties causin’ all the harm or is the right wing morons who just don’t give a chit and don’t cast his or her vote? Or even worse, is it the right wing moron who does cast his or her vote, his or her choice loses, and then just sits back and call names? You may have some insight on one part of that, so I’ll let you figure that one out for yourself…

You know, I was wrong. Wrong about that MAGA hat bein’ too tight on you; actually it’s far too big and it keeps fallin’ down and blockin’ your vision to reality.

Pruitt, Bannon, Shulkin, McEntee, Raffel, Sorensen, Porter, Price, Gorka, Scaramucci, and many more right wing wing nuts, all are out of government work and would probably best represent what you want for Morro Bay George. Give ’em a call, if nothin’ else you could probably pick up some more names for your arsenal of insults.

One more thing, something that just gets me pi$$ed (I needed to cool off before responding to this shit!)…

“Hopefully Jamie Irons will decide to relocate his own family.”

So now anyone who doesn’t fit your political genre has to move? Especially those that have served in a manner you don’t approve of with the outcome you decide isn’t best for you? Damn! I guess the “Lock Her Up” failed movement has become the “Move and Take Your Family With You”, huh? Well, at least you’d allow him to take his kids with him huh? How Amerikan of you George.

Irons has been a disaster for Morro Bay, glad to see him go!

The legacy he leaves by turning away from the 35 million sewer plant upgrade, to fulfill his and Smuckler’s sewer plant relocation and water reclamation dream, at the tune of 128 to 167 million, will have far reaching consequences for the working families and elderly of this once fair city:(

Almost as bad is the loss of competent staff in exchange for the yes men and women who now poorly run the city:(

I could see Morro Bay unincorporating and be taken back to the County,

Sewer Plant, pension crisis, budget shortfalls, maybe the Tsunami, that was the stupid reason cited for the Sewer Plant needing to be relocated, will clean the mess up:(

I’m sure the do gooders would re elect him if he ran again, now maybe some one can run for mayor with out fear of being harassed and threatened, and their business being bad mouthed, he’s leaving a mess for the next person to clean up,I see the Native Americans are going to give em hell Harry because of the proposed pipeline to the new sewage plant, maybe they will prevail in stopping this madness.

On another note I’m pretty sure we don’t need some community organizer on the council either, reminds me of that last guy we had for President.

Yea, who needs a “community organizer” when you can find someone who best emulates the polarizer, divider and criminal we now have as president, right? But hey! Thanks for reminding me that there is always hope that this country can and will do better. Maybe Morrow Bay residents will see it that way as well and seek out someone that can organize and rally around all of its community, making it a better place…

Our last president, a “community organizer” was a disaster as a leader.

And this one isn’t? How many of those he was suppose to lead have left? And who’s next? The only thing he leads is the “Twitter Instead of Truth” bunch, relying on wantaboutism to deflect his actions to times gone in the wind instead of doing what any good leader does, step up! “The Buck Stops Here”? Yea, right! Only if it means another dollar not making it past his tiny greedy hands.

And you said nothing of my “…polarizer, divider and criminal “? Interesting…

So both sides are disasters, what then?

So concentrate on the current, stop draggin’ up the past and recognize what your current POtuS is. Pretty simple. Every frickin’ time a perceived moderate, or liberal, or progressive screws up we hear about Obama, like that has anything to do with the now, or them personally, all the while ignoring the fact that it’s politicians in general that cause these problems, including wing-nut Conservatives!

There is no more Republican Party, it’s Trump’s Party now! Something that no true Conservative Republican should endorse, let alone support! Every time you and others bring up Obama to somehow justify your own blindness to what’s goin’ on in this country under this Authoritarian Leader’s “leadership” you just paint yourself into a hypocrites corner.

The Party of Trump has no moral ground to call any politician a “wing nut”, nor does the Republican Party as they’ve co-signed this chit. And what you’ve accused the left of doing, “demonizing a good President without giving him a chance or recognizing the good he’s done” is nothing compared to what the right says about those who haven’t even run yet, let alone hold down an office.

“Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?”

This article is about Morro Bay. Not Donald Trump. I think people who live there are concerned that the young lady who’s announced her intention to run is too inexperienced to take over with all that’s at stake. Not dure how the standard anti-Trump rant fits here.

You’re right! But it seems that every time someone runs that identifies themselves as a Democrat, Liberal, Progressive the “standard” Obama complaints start, or didn’t you notice this:

“On another note I’m pretty sure we don’t need some community organizer on the council either, reminds me of that last guy we had for President.”

Not a peep from you on that one though, huh? And I’ve reread through the posts Laughlines, and I can’t for the life of me find one that even mentions Ms. Addis’s lack of experience, all I’ve read is the partisan BS chock full of typical insults thrown by the “do badders”.

“This article is about Morro Bay. Not Donald Trump. ” This.

Please don’t troll, this is about Morro Bay.

I’d get out too before residents realize how much they will be paying for water and sewer. He could suggest Morro Bay un-incorporate itself. I understand it was written in the original 1964 incorporation in case of a situation they are in today. (To take all the PG&E power plant tax money from the county.)