SLO’s unholy alliance of so-called “progressives”

July 14, 2018

Opinion by concerned citizens

An unholy alliance of so-called “progressives” running our city and out-of-town developers is threatening to destroy San Luis Obispo’s small town charm by promoting excessive building heights and densities. Now City planners are proposing to extend these increased building heights and densities into the Upper Monterey Street neighborhood.

After a SLO Chamber subcommittee provided input to the council urging for a “moderate” height limit increase to 60 feet in the downtown core, the council in 2007 on a narrow 3-2 vote approved a maximum building height increase from 50 feet to 75 feet.

Eight years later, a citizen’s task force recommended modifying zoning regulations to allow efficiency units and “variable” (meaning increased) densities downtown.

To add insult to injury, the SLO Planning Commission this year received an MIG Consultant Team “white paper” advocating doubling downtown densities, promoting density transfers and increasing maximum building heights above 75 feet.

What can you do? Write letters opposing these building heights and increased densities to the planning commission and/or city council. You only have between now and Sept. 4, when the city council reviews the zoning regulations update to submit your letters and/or provide oral testimony.

Authors listed in alphabetical order: David Brodie, Allan Cooper, Diane Duenow, James Duenow, Keith Gurnee, David Hafemeister, Gina Hafemeister, Caryl Koberg, Sandra Lakeman, Cheryl McLean, Lydia Mourenza and Rick Racouillat.


Support candidates that plan to reduce public employee management salaries, benefits and the number of positions. This is what is driving the unwise growth. 1) The need for additional public revenues to fund employee costs hence 2) the need for additional development fees, assessments and sales tax revenues hence 3) whatever development scheme that may, HYPOTHETICALLY, provide revenue. The beast is excessive costs. No cost control, and you got to grow, grow, grow. Politicians want to be liked and fiscal prudence is never a popular cause. So both “sides” of the political coin lack fiscal discipline. This is why I would dump the incumbents. Try a new group.

This is the big weakness of both of the “progressive” left and the “conservative” right. Both concepts are complete jokes. Who with an actively thinking mind surrenders that mind to a knee jerk ideological approach to public affairs?

BTW, if you want to be elected in SLO I would drop the Trump, Fox News rhetoric, ASAP.


Step 1: vote against excessive building heights.

Step 2: get better lawyers.

Without one of the above, you will always lose to developers.