Police arrest two Santa Maria men for attempted murder

July 14, 2018

Luis Arturo Martinez

Francisco Ortiz-Rivera

Santa Maria police arrested two 18-year-old men Friday for allegedly attempting to shoot three people walking on a sidewalk several days earlier. The suspects missed their targets in what police are calling a gang related shooting. [Cal Coast Times]

On Wednesday evening, one of the suspects stepped out of a vehicle near the corner of Thornburg Avenue and Church Street and fired several rounds at three young males walking on the sidewalk, witnesses told police.

The suspect got back in the vehicle and he and the driver fled the scene.

On Friday, Santa Maria police detectives arrested Francisco Ortiz-Rivera, 18, and Luis Arturo Martinez, 18. Officers booked Martinez into the Santa Maria County Jail for attempted murder.

Ortiz-Rivera is accused of attempted murder and carjacking in connection with an incident that occurred earlier this year.

Police are asking anyone with additional information out the incidents to contact the Santa Maria Police Department at 805-928-3781 ext. 2277. Information can be left anonymously.


I just hope they can be reunited with their families.


Two sanctuary state up and comers right there.


What gangs? Residents or illegal immigrants?


Does it matter? No, really, does it matter?!! And I’m sure you’re referring to the American Born MS-13 Gang, right? That’s right. MS-13 was an American bred, born and raised gang, long before it went international. Most think it got as big as it did because of the type of press coverage it has garnered here in the U.S. (gangsters, of any nationality, love bein’ recognized) and only went international after some of that gang were deported to El Salvador from the U.S.

MS-13 arrests at the border increased by 300% in 2017, that increase was over the past years, not year (2016). How many were arrested? 150. Wow! So in the previous years there were only 50 arrested at the border? And in the same time frame we have caught and deported more folks along the border than any time in history? How does that calculate out to this huge influx of MS-13 members the current administration says is invading this country from south of the border?

I have a suggestion that just might weaken the appeal of joining MS-13 in the first place; don’t give ’em any press coverage what so ever. report the crime just don’t attribute it to MS-13! Most gangbangers like the notoriety, ignore them and they won’t have it and maybe it’ll keep at least one person from joining MS-13