Coleen Kubel throws her hat into the Arroyo Grande Council race

August 11, 2018

Coleen Kubel

On the last day to officially join the Arroyo Grande Council City race, Coleen Kubel filed nomination papers and joined four other candidates vying for two seats. [Cal Coast Times]

A member of the Arroyo Grande Architectural Review Committee, Kubel has lived in south county for 63 years, and has served on multiple charity and civic boards. She currently works as a general building contractor.

“Having attended both city council and South San Luis Obispo County Sanitation District meetings, I understand the serious issues facing our city with regard to budget cuts and rising costs, including fire protection, traffic congestion, water conservation, business recruitment and responsible development including the need to simplify and expedite review processes,” Kubel said.

Kubel is endorsed by out-going Councilman Tim Brown. After eight years on the council, Brown has decided not to run for reelection.

There are currently five candidates competing for two seats including Kubel, planning commissioners John Mack and Terry Fowler-Payne, retired police officer, Keith Storton and former supervisor candidate Jimmy Paulding.

Kobel said she decided to run in order to correct current inefficiencies, to balance the budget, to help get the fire department under control and to be a council member who listens to the public.

“If I am elected, I want to do what the citizens of Arroyo Grande want,” Kubel said. “I will listen to what they are saying and try to push those requests forward to fruition.

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Noodly Appendages I’m with you on the question to Coleen Kubel regarding her stance on more development in the Village. The overwhelming majority of citizens showing up to the meetings to oppose more development, including the Cherry Street Plan, far outweighs those who are in favor of creating more . . .  traffic, more congestion, more trucks rumbling through the main street of the Village. These plans without much thought to all of this has doomed the Village to change FOREVER. I’m not the only one who notices a remarkable increase in the lines of cars and big trucks crawling through the Village at any given time of the day. Everyone I’ve spoken with this summer has commented on it.  And all of this WITHOUT the school traffic and 53 room hotel completion. I hope you’re reading this Coleen and can give us an answer to how you will slow this frenzy to a pace that allows the citizens to be heard. 

Ravennest, sorry for the delay in answering you. There was a technical difficulty by Cal Coast News that prevented me from logging in. To answer your question “What is my stance on more development in Arroyo Grande.” Ans: Our city streets are congested now, and our citizens are feeling adverse affects of new development now. New roads, water concerns, traffic congestion, and all aspects of the general plan need to be taken into consideration before any development is considered in Arroyo Grande. That doesn’t mean that all new development must stop, because we need a certain amount of it, such as new businesses, etc. to continue. This is essential for tax revenue growth in Arroyo Grande in order to prevent additional cost to current residents. If we do this responsibly, then our city will continue to proper, and we can come to a solution that will satisfy all concerned. Please contact me further, I would love to talk to you about this very important issue, and I share your concerns as a long time South County Resident.

It appears that the citizens of Arroyo Grande have a good slate of candidates to choose from. However, for the life of me I cannot see what Jimmy Paulding has to offer. What experiences does he bring to the council that will aid in vaulting the city forward. Jimmy is a first class looser, looking to start at the top … he is all fur coat and no knickers. Jimmy should get a job, accumulate some experience and if interested run for office in about 35 years.

What Jimmy brings is a third vote in line with Caren Ray and Karen Barneich and higher taxes to the residents.

kayaknut, sorry for the delay in commenting on your post. It has been my experience attending the council meetings, listening to the council members, and the public, that there is a distinct attempt to move the balance of the council, by a 2 to 3 vote margin, on so many issues. That needs to change and we need to have a council that is blind to politics, special interests, and that actually cooperates with each other and gets things done for the citizens of Arroyo Grande. The issue of higher taxes is a real concern to me also. Thank you!

Mitch C, sorry for the delay in answering you. There was a technical difficulty by Cal Coast News that prevented me from logging in. Ans: In my long and extensive experience in both private and public sectors, I have found that there is no substitute for experience. It doesn’t matter if you have a title behind your name, or a degree hanging on the wall, or how much money you have, it is the every day experiences that you deal with and overcome, that make a difference. I have dealt with many people who because of their education, or life style, think that they can just show up and present themselves and that is enough, no further effort is made. That is not me, and I hope that as this campaign goes forward that you will see that my experience is the kind that counts for the citizens of Arroyo Grande. Thank You!


I support Mrs. Coleen Kubel!

We need experience on the AG city council, and Mrs. Kubel is level-headed and has her ear tuned to the community.  Unlike socialists Jimmy Paulding and Caren Ray, Mrs. Kubel has met a payroll and is a moderate thinker.

Vote to reelect incumbent mayor Jim Hill.

Vote to elect Mrs. Coleen Kubel

Say NO to Caren Ray, ultra-liberal

Say NO to Jimmy Paulding, ultra-liberal

George, sorry for the delay as stated above, technical difficulty prevented me from answering until now. Thank you for your support, it is very much appreciated. I am running for city council because of my experience, and my heart felt concern for the citizens of Arroyo Grande. I love meeting and interacting with people, and have extensive public relations experience in my background. I am a fantastic listener, and try to reach the best solution possible when confronted with a problem. That means that listening to the citizens of Arroyo Grande will be one of my top priorities if elected to the council. George, please just call me Coleen. Thank you!

I like the fact that Mrs Kubel has been involved in the community for more than a hot minute, unlike the Paulding kid who wants to be king with a made for election puffed up resume and a warchest compliments of Adam Hill. 

horse_soldier, sorry for the delay getting back to you. Thank you for your comment, I appreciate it very much. I have been involved in our community for a very long time. Graduating from

AGHS, marrying my husband in AG, raising my kids, and grand kids, volunteering, working. Life experience is what it is called, and I have it. I wouldn’t change a thing about my life here in Arroyo Grande. Unlike most of my opponents I do not live in the Village of Arroyo Grande. I and one other candidate are the only candidates living outside the downtown village area. That means we view the Arroyo Grande City boundaries with a broader view then just down town village residential area. I will truly represent all of the citizens of Arroyo Grande, not just those that live around me. I am not a person that has a cash flow available to run a race like this, unlike other candidates. I can only depend on friends and family, and those residents who want the same thing that I do, to help fund my campaign. Thank you!

Coleen, your statements give me the impression that you want to ‘fast track’ developments. What if the people do not want any more residents added to the city’s population? Will you honor the wishes of the people when we ask for a building moratorium?

Noodly Appendages, sorry for the delay getting back to you. Ans: On the contrary I do not want to “Fast Track” developments. What I want is to simplify and expedite the permit process for projects like “Accessory Dwelling Units, and Businesses”, which is essential to our tax revenue growth, so that higher taxes are not passed on to current residents. There is a fine line between halting new building and our taxes being raised. I want every application for new multi family developments to be proceeded by ways to curtail the problem that we are experiencing right now with traffic, water, and other general plan requirements. I will be open to speaking to any citizen or group of citizens who ask for a building moratorium. After we go over the consequences of a total building moratorium, I would as I have stated bring that before the council as your representative on the council, most definitely. Thank you and please contacting me for further discussion, this is one of the issues that I am very interested in solving.