Hearst Castle’s Neptune Pool filling with water

August 14, 2018

The iconic 345,000-gallon Neptune Pool at Hearst Castle is getting filled with water again after sitting empty for the better part of five years because of leaks and the California drought. [Cal Coast Times]

Several years ago, workers determined the pool was leaking an estimated 5,000 gallons of water a day. The pool was then drained, albeit it was briefly refilled for a controversial Lady Gaga video shoot.

Recently, California state parks has been engaged in a $5.4 million renovation of the Neptune Pool. The renovation project is now in its final phase.

Workers were scheduled to start refilling the pool at 8 a.m. Tuesday, according to Hearst Castle. Following a 14-day test period, workers will begin removing the remaining equipment from the project.

The pool will not be totally accessible to tours and visitors until the final phase of the project is complete in two to three weeks. In the meantime, the pool remains visible from various spots at the castle.

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Great! Now quit fining every day citizens for using water to wash their clothes and live their lives……

The drought is over? Nice

Sounds good! California has enough money and water to waste for a inactive pool used for the politicians in Sacramento to use for their Special Events. They can put this on the list of benefits like the private DMV office in the State Capitol for Politicians and their staff including retirees that is not open to the public although we stand for hours at the overflow offices through out the State. Public life does have its privileges.

$5.4 Million to renovate a pool?

It’s only taxpayer money and there is an endless supply.