Jim Reed challenges Steve Martin for Paso Robles mayor

August 18, 2018

Councilman Jim Reed

Paso Robles Councilman Jim Reed is running against incumbent Mayor Steve Martin in the November election.

Reed, who is currently completing his first term on the council, is opting to give up his present seat as he challenges Martin. Reed is a computer-aided designer by trade, and he has more of a conservative leaning than Martin, who ran as a Democratic challenger to County Supervisor John Peschong in 2016. [Cal Coast Times]

Martin, who previously served on the Paso Robles council from 1987 through 1996, was elected again to the council in 2012. In 2104, Martin ran unopposed for mayor, and the term he won is currently drawing to a close. His professional background is in marketing, media and public relations.

Paso Robles Mayor Steve Martin

The current Paso Robles council race features four candidates, one of whom is an incumbent and all of whom are business owners. Councilman John Hamon is the lone incumbent in the race. He is also the owner of Hamon Overhead Door Company.

Hamon’s challengers in the four-way race for two seats are: Maria Elena Garcia, Andy Pekema and Michael Rivera. Garcia operates a Mary Kay Cosmetics multi-level marketing business, in addition to being a Walmart pharmacy technician. She is also an official with the Hispanic Business Association in Paso Robles.

Both Pekema and Rivera are small business owners. Rivera is also an official with Californians for Population Stabilization, a group that calls for reduced immigration.

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Mr. Reed absolutely has my vote. In most situations, he’s been the only councilman who doesn’t automatically approve staff recommendations. He asks pertinent questions & seems genuinely concerned about what’s best for Paso RESIDENTS. Maybe he’s not the most polished guy but he’s not a smooth talking politician who puts tourists & developers before residents. I respect him for that.

For years, Martin, Hamon, Strong & the others have mostly focused on $$$ and tourism. The $$$ is to pay the six-figure bloated city staff salaries. The $ is not being spent wisely on our

still mostly crappy roads & infrastructure. (See the Transparent California website for how much Paso city upper mngmnt folks are making!). And No, Steve Martin–I won’t vote in ANOTHER tax hike for road repairs! Cut some city admins’ salaries first!

Good luck, Jim Reed!

I totally agree that the city government needs to be vastly changed; both Hamon and Gregory (when his term is up) should be replaced. As to Jim Reed for mayor, I have mixed feelings. The times that I have observed his involvement at council meetings; he has failed to impress me as a leader or as someone who can get things done. But this city needs fresh leadership that really believes in the citizens first – not in more and more pandering to the tourist industry.

Tourism=$$$$=more staff=more pay and benefits=more taxes and fees for the citizens=subsidy for the tourism industry. How about putting a 25 cent tasting tax on every wine tasting in the county? Don’t hold your breath.

One would think the voters have had enough of Councilman John Hamon and his special deals involving area developments with his company, Hamon Overhead Door Co.

I have worked with Jim and he is a great guy. Very honest and straight forward. I think he will make a great mayor.


I say vote for Mr. Michael Rivera and Mr. Jim Reed!


This is wonderful news! Jim Reed is to Paso Robles what Keith Gurnee is to SLO!