Oceano Community Services District appoints all woman board

August 4, 2018

Shirley Gibson, Lori Angello, Karen White, Linda Austin and Cynthia Replogle.

The Oceano Community Services District Board appointed two new members on Aug. 2, creating an all woman board. [Cal Coast Times]

Board President Karen White, Vice President Linda Austin and Director Lori Angello appointed Cynthia Replogle and Shirley Gibson to replace two members who recently resigned. Andrew Brunet resigned on June 27 followed by James Coalwell  on July 11.

Because of the timing of the resignations, Replogle, an aerospace engineer and an attorney, will serve for only four months. Shirley Gibson, a member of the City of Arroyo Grande’s Historical Resource Committee and former antique store owner, will serve for more than two years.

Replogle, a recent resident of Oceano, is the founder and president of the Oceano Beach Community Association and was recently appointed to the Oceano Community Advisory Council, an advisory board to the San Luis Obispo County Supervisors. Replogle has also held leadership positions in the Surfrider Foundation since 2003.

Gibson, a native of Arroyo Grande, moved to Halcyon in 2000. Her home is served by the Oceano CSD water, but she is not a customer of the South San Luis Obispo County Sanitation District.

Other applicants included Lucia Casalinuovo, a retired bilingual English teacher, and Bill Senna, a founding Oceano board member who at one time also served as the district’s General Manager.

There are three seats available in the upcoming election. Replogle and White have both announced plans to run for office while Angello has not reported her plans.

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I’m confident having an all-female board will not improve anyone’s life, just as an mixed-gender, all-male one, all-white, mixed-race (itself) or anything else “identity-politics” does nothing to fix our communities problems.

But it makes us look so progressive!

What a mess. 

Good luck Oceano. 

Unless Replogle gets appointed to the SSLOCSD we’re all going to pay for this. 

Gibson is a clueless bobble head. 

It looks like the status quo board members passed over two very qualified individuals in

Lucia Casalinuovo and Bill Senna to choose their high school gal friend Shirley Gibson. Note to the public: Don’t expect to be listened to by new board member Gibson, she thinks that if you are not a ratepayer you don’t have a voice on issues. Hmmm, interesting since the only Oceano rate she pays is for water. Since she’s on a 25 year old septic system, she’s not a sanitation district customer, but that’s where she’s spent a lot of time over the last year or two — defending Mary Lucey, Gerhardt Hubner and John Wallace (all who have cost the district a fortune) have been her mantra.

I wish Replogle all the best, as an outsider, she’s going to find it tough making a difference. Generally speaking this board tries to hide its past and pretend that everything is OK, even when things are really bad.

I guess you don’t have to live in Oceano to be a board member? Confused!