Woman leaps off overpass onto Highway 101 in Atascadero

August 31, 2018

A woman driving a Ford Mustang parked her car on an Atascadero overpass Wednesday morning, then jumped onto Highway 101. [Cal Coast Times]

The woman survived the fall from the overpass on Curbaril Avenue and was not struck by a car, according to initial reports. After the woman landed on northbound Highway 101, one of the first drivers passing by was a Cal Fire worker who called for help over the radio.

Emergency responders arrived and transported the woman to the hospital. Her current condition is unknown.

An investigation into the bridge jump is ongoing. Officials have not disclosed a motive for why the woman jumped off the overpass.

The woman’s identity has not been released.

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Ugly fences on the overpass coming up, all to protect the stupid.

Stupid? How about depressed, asshat.