Inmate gets 12 years in prison for attacking SLO County Jail guard

August 31, 2018

Joseph Baker

A Nipomo man was sentenced Thursday to 12-years in prison for assaulting a San Luis Obispo County Jail correctional deputy earlier this year, an incident that left the guard with a broken nose and other major injuries. [Cal Coast Times]

On March 6, Joseph Allen Baker, 28, was serving a jail sentence for resisting arrest, assault and false imprisonment. While Baker and other inmates were being moved from one part of the jail to another, Baker charged at a correctional deputy and punched him multiple times around the head and face, according to the county sheriff’s office.

The guard managed to subdue Baker while other deputies arrived to assist. The injured deputy suffered a broken nose and fractured orbital and received nine stitches in his cheek area.

On Wednesday, Baker pleaded no contest to felony assault upon a custodial officer and admitted to personally inflicting great bodily injury on the victim. Baker also admitted to having a prior serious felony conviction under California’s three strikes law. The prior conviction was for making criminal threats.

After Judge Jacquelyn Duffy sentenced Baker to 12 years behind bars, SLO County District Attorney Dan Dow released a statement saying the punishment is justified.

“The callous and unprovoked assault of a deputy sheriff in this case more than justifies the substantial prison sentence imposed. This incident highlights the significant danger associated with corrections work,” Dow said.  “Our office stands ready to aggressively prosecute all such crimes in order to better ensure the safety of law enforcement, civilian personnel and the inmate population.”


Just in time for a no bail trial. Lets hope a bleeding heart judge doesn’t release him with a promise to appear.


This makes me sick! Unprovoked? 12 years for attacking a c.o who from my understanding had it coming. If it wasn’t mr. Baker it would’ve been another inmate. The witnesses in this case were other inmates who either A:were discredited due to being criminals/inmates or B: too afraid of speaking up, due to fear of retaliation by other Deputies. At the same time Mr.Baker was sentenced to 12 years, a 2 time registered sex offender with crimes against children was sentenced to 6 years.. Does anyone else see a problem here? Makes me sick!


“…to better ensure the safety…[of] the inmate population.” –

Pretty hollow D.A. Dan, considering you’ve had what, more inmate deaths per capita in your county jail than the national per capita, and from one of the smaller county jails as well? Then to ad insult to death you don’t hold any of the “…law enforcement, civilian personnel” accountable let alone “…aggressively prosecute” any of them?

Hollow, real hollow!


So why would this guy all of a sudden just attack the guard? This doesn’t sound right at all. Was the guard harassing him in some manner? There isn’t any info on the defense’s side of the story.


Let’s see..assault, false imprisonment, criminal threats, 3 strikes…he is a bad guy. He did not offer a defense with his no contest plea.


Right? What about the other inmates that were present or how about the video of before and after the assult? The beating mr. Baker took after by several Deputies that made him unable to appear in a courtroom for a month.. stating he was “ill”, or the deputy slamming the sallyport doors on Mr. Baker, laughing as he called mr.baker names, as well as calling Mr.Baker out stating ” You want some come and get some pussy” what about the long run down the hallway before the deputy got what was coming? The whole thing is wrong.



Let the FBI investigation into the jail system know what you know-they might be able to find something that is amiss regarding jail guard behavior.

To EVERYONE ELSE, no one is giving me a straight answer-why would someone with only a 90 day JAIL stay decide to jeopardize it for a far longer 12 YEAR PRISON sentence? It makes no sense at all, none whatsoever. It does look like Baker was set up.

Copperhead, where did you get that info? Making a criminal threat? I’d have a number of people in jail for doing that to me over the years. Assault? You know that is akin to threats, it isn’t actual contact like battery. I don’t think Baker is some innocent person here but the sentence seems utterly out of bounds for the crime.

Conservatives are liberals that have been mugged.

Liberals are conservatives that have been arrested.


Equal Sentencing


First, the sentence handed down to Mr. Baker seems appropriate. I do wonder though, what sentence would have been imposed if he’d been arrested for domenstic violence resulting in the same injuries sustained by this correctional deputy….I’m guessing nowhere near the 12 year sentence.


Good point!

And a long suffering spouse wouldn’t have received the training, pay or benefits of the said deputy.

Wonder if a mental health issue is at the root of this knuckleheads behavior?


“Wonder if a mental health issue is at the root of this knuckleheads behavior?”

Probably, that and his meth’ use (which just exacerbates any mental health issues).


Right now, in the current “MeToo” environment? You’re right, probably not even close; most assuredly more, and probably much more!


He was doing a violation of 90 days for a domestic issue. If that tells you anything


And where in the article did it say “He was doing a violation of 90 days for a domestic issue.”? Also, all I could find in other reporting’s about Mr. Baker was this “… was arrested by Paso Robles police on Feb. 25 for a parole violation and obstructing/resisting a peace officer.” (

From your first posts it sounds like you either know this guy personally, and if you did, would that be from the streets or from the county jail? If it’s from the county jail, what the hell are you doin’ spewin’ out this guys personal chit all over the internet like you actually know about it? Especially after sounding like you’re defending his actions in your first posts from what could only be from an eye witnesses account?

Are you makin’ all this chit up, or just the “domestic issue” part? With “friends” like you…. just sayin’!