Body of young humpback whale washes ashore in Oceano

September 12, 2018

A dead humpback whale washed ashore on the beach at the Oceano Dunes Monday afternoon. [Cal Coast Times]

State parks officials say the humpback that washed ashore was a young whale. It is unclear what caused the whale’s death.

Workers buried the whale elsewhere on the beach in order to eliminate a potential hazard to people and vehicles in the area, as well as to keep birds of prey away. State parks personnel collected parts of the whale’s skin and sent them to the Channel Islands Cetacean Research Unit.

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It could of been wrapped in equally decomposing netting and dragged out to sea for an ocean bottom feast? Just seems more appropriate for a whale.

Oh why of course, let’s tidy up our little freeway beach. Wouldn’t want a bothersome thing like nature to get in the way of our fun. Wouldn’t want our state and local cash faucet to be meddled with. I guess burying the carcass will keep the freak show of gawkers away and consuming channel 6 news for a week straight.