Congress to consider funding for locations affected by nuclear plant closures

September 18, 2018

In similar fashion to the state of California, the United States federal government could attempt to secure funding for agencies in areas like San Luis Obispo County that are taking hits to their budgets as a result of the decommissioning of nuclear power plants. [Cal Coast Times]

An annual appropriations bill that recently passed the United States House and Senate calls for the Department of Energy to study potential funding sources for municipalities affected by the decommissioning of nuclear plants. The study will focus on identifying public and private funds to support impacted municipalities, Congressman Salud Carbajal said.

“With the impending Diablo Canyon Power Plant closure, I am working to secure all available federal resources to help offset the economic impact of this decommissioning,” Carbajal said in a statement. “With this significant challenge also comes an opportunity to designate the Central Coast a renewable energy hub, by attracting new businesses that provide good-paying jobs in our community.”

Carbajal also touted legislation he introduced earlier this year to create energy opportunity zones for the renewable energy industry in regions impacted by nuclear power plant closures. The legislation would extend tax credits and introduce a new credit to encourage renewable energy business development in SLO County.

Last month, the California Legislature passed a bill that would award an $85 million settlement package to local agencies as compensation for lost tax revenue as a result of the closure of Diablo Canyon. The bill has yet to be signed by Gov. Jerry Brown.

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Just buy a closed sign and call it good. I don’t support taxpayer dollars funding the consequences of bad planning. Now industry is after ambitious employees instead of lazy entitled grads, Cal Poly may eventually feel the pinch too.

Radiation is organic. How can that be bad for you? You mean the government is going to do a bail out? Sweet! (Where do we sign up?” Ahem. As you were.

The title should be “Congress to consider a taxpayer funded handout for locations who’s local officials failed to do their jobs and plan for known nuclear plant closures”

Local politicians too busy feeding from the money trough. Nuke plants have known lifetimes. The local politicians should have been planning for this since the day the plant was built.

I am thrilled that the plutonium producing, radiation polluting, potential mega-disaster hazard is soon to be reduced. However, I do not see the financial stabilization from the fed to be anything resembling a hand-out. Given that California (a larger economy than Great Brittan) contributes mega bucks to the federal funds, at least 20% of which are never returned, getting some of it back to help with the absolutely essential transition to clean energy seems more than fair. By the way, in case your political leanings tend to be to root for the “red” team, it is those states to which our 20% is being directed to keep them afloat, so I wouldn’t go there if I were you.

If you want to go with the argument that Diablo is not a disaster waiting to take out the Central Coast, I will gladly share some facts (obtained from people with multiple degrees) of which I guarantee you must be blissfully unaware.

It amazes me how money can blind people to even existential issues.

Do you have multiple degrees? Usually you need some sort of expertise to verify the validity of information “obtained from people with multiple degrees.” The scientific peer review process demands that contrary facts be addressed. Ignoring facts on one side or the other constitutes a vocational – not intellectual – objection.

Where once we had an employer that contributed to the local economy we now see ourselves with out hands out looking for a bail out.

We allowed this to happen. Be careful what you wish for folks.