Firefighter injured, home torched in Paso Robles fire

September 3, 2018

Three fires broke out along Creston Road near Paso Robles on Sunday and burned a total of 47 acres, according to Cal Fire. [Cal Coast Times]

One unoccupied home was destroyed, and a firefighter suffered minor injuries as a result of the blaze. The firefighter received treatment at a local hospital and returned to the scene.

The fires started burning at about noon in the area of Creston and Neil Springs roads. It is suspected a vehicle dragging mental sparked the fires. Firefighters attacked the blazes from the air and ground and managed to extinguish them.

Authorities temporarily evacuated some residents in the area. Officials also closed Creston Road as the blaze burned close to the roadway.

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New fire stations and jetliner borate bombers are become the norm while fire sprinklers are too the norm and TAXED annually due to the added housing EXPENSE. Maybe everyone should pay off their loans and stop buying fire insurance or just buy the minimum coverage required? Then again maybe it is possible to create a Non-Profit called Personal Waste and write off all monies spent on duplicity and other household wasted monies. Just saying while thinking outside the box and doing the math.