Should Atascadero police officers sport visible tattoos?

September 2, 2018

The Atascadero Police Department is temporarily changing its no visible tattoos while on duty policy while seeking public input. [Cal Coast Times]

Several months ago, an Atascadero officer asked the city to amend its tattoo policy. At the end of the two month trial period (September and October), the department will consider changing its tattoo policy.

During the trial period, the department will continue to ban officers from showing tattoos on their hands, face, and head or from displaying offensive tattoos.

Chief Jerel Haley wants to show an effort to be “progressive and keep pace with our culture, as tattoos have become such a large part of today’s society.” Harley is asking people to give feedback about officer tattoos on the department’s Facebook page.

“The public will have a big part of the deciding vote on whether we implement this new policy on a permanent basis or not,” Haley said. “The Atascadero Police Department will be releasing information on our Facebook page to give people a chance to respond.”

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Sounds like they scraping the bottom of the barrel looking for police officers.

And also that people out there dont realize how unprofessional and low-class your tattoo may look to others, despite how beautiful you think it looks in the mirror.

And thats not even mentioning that those symbols and designs may cause people to think you have a bias for/against some group, cause, locale, sports team, gang, culture etc.

In my solicited opinion, to distort nature by using your body as a canvas would be a defiant behavior. The public is now being asked, to what extend should a defiant behavior be tolerated in a law enforcement officer? For starters they set, in a big way, an example to our children. I’d say an officer in a uniform may just have to sweat in their long sleeve uniform on hot days for their personal choices. I do not expect a perfect past, just professionalism, as they are paid to set an example of what is right. Sure there are EXCEPTIONS but please don’t plan on feeding your family by playing LOTTO, either.

Tats in public no biggie. Ca has far more to worry about when it come to appearance. But hey, you go California!!. Keep right on believing you’re number uno and everyone else is ass backwards.Cant wait till Gov New’scum takes over and drives the last handful of nails into the Kalifa coffin.

Gross and undignified. “Progressive?” Give us a break, chief. Only in Atascadero would visible tats be a “progressive” issue.