Hunter mistaken for deer, shot

September 14, 2018

A man in his 60s suffered a bullet wound to the shoulder in a hunting accident that occurred late Thursday in the Caliente Mountain Range near the Carrizo Plain National Monument, according to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. [Cal Coast Times]

While six people were hunting deer in the mountains near Cuyama, one hunter saw movement in the brush and fired a high-powered rifle, Fish and Wildlife Capt. Todd Tognazzini said. Instead of hitting a deer, the bullet struck the victim in the shoulder.

The victim suffered injuries and was flown to Kern Medical Center in Bakersfield. He is expected to survive.

Sheriff’s deputies came out to the scene and determined no foul play was involved in the shooting. However, Tognazinni said the shooting was prompted by unsafe hunting practices.

In order to legally shoot a deer in California, a hunter must make sure the deer is a male and has at least one branched antler, Tognazzini said. Fish and Wildlife personnel are conducting an investigation into Thursday’s shooting.

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Nyuk, Nyuk, Hey Moe… I see a deer.

Boy do I hate new rules but corrected vision if necessary should be required if not already. Nobody would complain about penalizing someone for hunting blindfolded, blurred vision should be as illegal.

corrective beer goggles?

Dick Cheney Hunts Again!

No excuses for this. None! Being absolutely certain of one’s target is obviously the absolute most important thing. EVER!

It’s a two way street in that it is also critically important for hunters to wear safety orange while in the field and plenty of it.

I have no idea what sight picture the shooter had when he squeezed off that shot but I can think of no situations in taking an ethical shot at game that would allow this to happen “accidentally”. Hit with a high powered long gun can generate absolutely devastating results. I sincerely hope the victim is able to make a recovery. The shooter really needs to have his/her ass in a wringer for this one.

The fellow that fired the shot deserves some loss of privilege.