SLO County inmate found dead, hanging from bedding

September 2, 2018

A 47-year-old inmate at the San Luis Obispo County Jail was found dead Saturday from an apparent suicide, according to the sheriff’s department. [Cal Coast Times]

Shortly before noon, a correctional deputy found Michael Wayne Nonella of Arroyo Grande hanging in a single person cell from his bedding. Deputies performed CPR on Nonella, but were unable to resuscitate the inmate.

On July 25, Nonella was booked into the jail for violating post release supervision rules. He was scheduled to be released on Oct. 6.

“This appears to be the third attempted suicide in the SLO County Jail in the past month,” according to the sheriff’s department.

Two weeks ago, two different inmates attempted suicide.

The SLO County District Attorney’s Office is taking the lead in investigating the circumstances of Nonella’s death, with assistance from sheriff’s detectives.

Shortly after the 2017 death of Andrew Holland, an inmate who died after being strapped naked in a restraint chair for almost two days, the FBI launched a criminal investigation into a series of deaths at the county jail. The investigation is ongoing.


AmericaTheFree… Instead of complaining about the Sheriff’s Dept how about a educated and affordable solution from you. Has anyone seen any reports about this issue in other California prisons? Is this just happening in SLO? Per cap per prison what is the death rate of inmates? How many men are in the male prison and what is ratio to guards (not nurses, janitors, cooks and all the support staff? He was in a cell by himself, sounds like a frequent visitor (at least one other time) and do we know his circumstances (mental illness, poor health, etc.), I am not sure what you can put expect the Sheriff’s Dept to do other than put them in cells naked, no bedding and a hole in the floor and for all inmates, I find this too extreme. This is very sad but I have to say I think we are spending lots of money on these criminals for their life choices and I don’t want to pay anymore taxes, fees, assessments, etc. for 1 on 1 oversight. Drugs, lack of parenting, lack of self respect fir themselves and others, reduced penalties from the Judicial System for their crimes, now no bail required, and people just keep offending. I don’t have any answers but I am not at this point throwing this at the fault of the Sheriff, D.A. or the informed citizens that voted for them. Your reaction and negativity is not helping to find a solution!


I just got off work, I’m tired and have to be back at 11AM tomorrow; it’s a holiday weekend and where I work (part time) is extremely busy right now, and like I said I’m tired.

I’ll get back to you in the morning, like anything I would have to say would matter anyway, right! I’m just one of those that most here on CCN, and probably the vast majority of the conservative mind set in SLO, would rather see locked up forever! So why?


“Educated” and “affordable”?

What kind of “educated” suggestion would do? From my point of view you’ve had hundreds, if not thousands, of “educated” suggestions in the past, coming from those that you’d accept them from and have pretty much ignored them, why in the world would you take any type of suggestion from a convict, one you don’t accept in any form, for any reason, in your world? I’m just one of those who kept offending, was a drug user, was just about everything you “suggested” is actually the root of the problem, so why listen to me? You tell me that and I’ll give you a suggestion-or-two. Careful though! You just might be empowering me by suggesting that I should have some viable input into a community where some suggest I’m a good example of why your 2nd Amendment Rights trump all others and I should be locked up forever for all of my past, current and future crimes. It could out you as a sympathizer, a malcontent, a lib’, and you’ll just catch all the chit I normally do from your peers here on CCN, so careful now!

I’m not one of those who believes by throwing money at something it’ll always get better. What I do believe is that by you saying “affordable”, and how subjective that is from person-to-person, especially when it has all the political partisan overtones that it does, it’s not a question you’re asking, it’s a wall you’re building, one that I can’t get over, around or through.

I’ll ask this though; how long are you willing to be reactive rather than proactive and continue to pay out $millions$ in settlements? And just as an example; how better spent would that $5million paid out to the Holland Family had it been spent in a proactive way rather than in a reactive one? What kind of affect would that money have brought, or even just a part of it, by better staffing a jail or implementing more safeguards in a jail that was wrought with inmate safety concerns for years before Andrew died? From my perspective you don’t want affordable you want free, while locking up more, for any reason, and keeping those people incarcerated longer.

By-the-way? Get over the bail thing already! It hasn’t even been implemented yet, so how do you, or anyone else on CCN, including me, know if it’s gonna work or not? Besides, in this case, if Mr. Nonella had been out on the “no cash” bail system he’d not be the topic of this conversation, right?


Your silence is deafening SLOBIRD and speaks volumes to my point(s), thanks you!

“When politics enter into municipal government, nothing resulting therefrom in the way of crimes and infamies is then incredible. It actually enables one to accept and believe the impossible…” – Mark twain, 1901


I think people should withhold judgment until an investigation happens. Every situation is different. 


And the video footage is???????


As long as the video taken is in the control of those who it is suppose to keep accountable? It’s, in one form-or-another, gone baby, gone…


““This appears to be the third attempted suicide in the SLO County Jail in the past month,” according to the sheriff’s department.”

And they say that with what, pride? Should have just continued it with…”…keepin’ our commitment to the citizens of SLO County to bein’ the “Deadliest County Jail in the Country”.

This’ll probably be part of Parkinson’s, and Dow’s, future campaigns, it got them re-elected this year, why not in the years to come? The resident’s don’t give a rats a$$, they like payin’ for death rather than incarceration anyway; just one less mouth to feed on their quest to “Lock ’em [all] Up”, right citizens? Right!

Oh yea! It’ll also give ’em a chance to bitch a bit; not about the death though, just the money SLO we’ll again have to dole out for their Sheriff’s, and his department’s, apathetic, deadly incompetence.

Y’all get what you pay for, and then pay some more, and then some more, and some more and so-on-and-so-forth (and I can only hope until it drives the lot of you that kept these two maniacs in office to the frickin’ poor house!)…