SLO police officers looking for wallet thieves

September 30, 2018

San Luis Obispo police officers are looking for two people suspected of stealing the wallet of a person shopping at a store on Froom Ranch in San Luis Obispo on Sept. 19. [Cal Coast Times]

Following the wallet theft, a man and woman used the stolen credit cards to buy electronics at Apple and Best Buy.

Investigators are asking anyone with information about the theft or the couple to contact the San Luis Obispo Police Department at 805-781-7312.

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Why sue anyone? The person whose card was stolen will not be charged. The business are the ones that will lose since they accepted the card.

The person that had their credit card stolen needs to bring a lawsuit against Apple and Best Buy for not checking the ID.

The victim reports the card as stolen. They are not responsible for the charges. 

The business will receive a chargeback and the loss gets passed along to consumers.