Teen returns purse with $10,000 inside

September 15, 2018

A 16-year-old teen turned a black purse he found with $10,000 inside to the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department. Deputies said the teen makes them feel good about humanity. [Cal Coast Times]

On Wednesday, Rhami Zeini was walking home from school in the Turnpike area when he noticed a black purse in the middle of the road. Inside the purse, the teen found $10,000.

The teen spoke with his parents before taking the purse to the sheriff’s department.

Deputies returned the purse to the rightful owner who thinks she might have left her purse on the roof of her car while going for a hike. She then drove away and the purse fell into the roadway.

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And facing a loss of $10,000 bucks, she rewards him with a hundred bucks:(

He should of gave it back to her!!!

That was a very kind thing the teen did. I hope the owner gives her some kind of reward. When you are just carrying around 10k in cash, I think $100 is fair.

We are always told a 20% tip is what we need to pay for services, and you think .01% is all that is deserved here? I would think a minimum of 10% would be appropriate.

Make that 1%, not .01. Still think 10% should be the minimum.

I think AT LEAST $100 is fair. I mean, the trips to the DMV, cancelling credit cards, etc is worth something. I don’t know the person’s situation who actually lost the wallet, but I get your point. I think that the person who lost this purse is BEYOND lucky to get that money back. It would have been wonderful to read that the owner of the purse gave $1000 for the kid to save for college or something.

When I was in college, I lost my wallet. It only had 18 bucks in it, but I was so poor. It also had my ID, checks, etc. Not only did I NOT get the wallet back, but the awesome person who found it tried to write bad checks in my name and cash them as those shady check cash places. 

Integrity is what you do when no one is watching.

That young man has an abundance of integrity. Kudos to his parents as well.

Would have been nice to read the lady who rolls with $10k cash (was that oddity checked out by the PD?) served up some sort of reward.

I have to remember his name, in case he ever runs for office, he’s got my vote!

My faith in humaity just went back up a notch thanks to this young man and his parents. That said, who the hell misplaces a purse containing $10k while going “hiking” as stated? She must have been lit. Was it just a usual cache of drug money or am I just so out of touch and eveyone walks around with that kind of cash in there possession?

Has a scholarship endowment been established for this hero. If so, let everyone know so that I and the other of us who are rightfully proud of this teen can send our checks.