Are Measure G promoters attempting to confuse voters?

October 25, 2018

Edie Knight


An Oct. 18 Tribune article reported: “Yes on Measure G proponents have acknowledged that the language of the initiative is confusing.” I’m starting to wonder if the confusing language is on purpose because even Measure G supporters are confused about the initiative’s language.

We’ve heard them give conflicting explanations about what kind of oil well maintenance Measure G does and doesn’t allow. Measure G leader Charles Varni’s rhetoric makes it crystal clear he hates oil and gas production and wants to shut it down in San Luis Obispo County.

I’ll bet dollars to donuts that if Measure G passes, Measure G supporters will file lawsuits claiming some routine maintenance activity at the Price Canyon facility violates Measure G and seek to shut it down – their current campaign promises notwithstanding.

Don’t believe Varni and the Yes on Measure G crowd: if it passes, oil and gas production in SLO County will shut down – and that is exactly what they want. Vote No on G.

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I’m voting no on Measure G!

No on Caren Ray.

Stop Corruption.

I meant to say I probably should have abstained (there is no edit feature on this forum). I did vote on the measure. Which way I voted is between me and God

Yes it was confusing about what the actual impact would be. In hindsight I probably shouldn’t have abstained from voting on that one. Something as important as our nations energy supply won’t be up to the voters anyway. This was environmental posturing or something, I don’t know. If the price of a barrel gets high enough the entire coast will be drilled and fracking will happen regardless of environmentalists.

Measure G is confusing on both sides.

Will it shut down the existing oil and gas production in SLO county because it will ban routine maintenance? NO… the measure prohibits existing oil production from being “enlarged, increased, extended, or otherwise expanded or intensified.” It is likely though that the current “Petroleum extraction will likely be phased out as production from existing wells declines,” the measure says.

Opponents of measure G say there is no fracking in SLO County and they are right. BUT THERE WILL BE if measure G is defeated. And that’s my issue. If measure G kept existing production and allowed for expansion of new wells in the same conventional way things are done now with NO FRACKING I would be all for it.

As for Edie Knight clearing up the confusion I’d bet that dollars to donuts that this is the same Edie Knight that was convicted of electioneering at a polling place advocating for Debbie Arnold who could give a rats ass about our local environment as proven by her stance on the Santa Margarita quarry and many other issues.

Edie is one of the sweetest people you could ever meet. I’m appalled that we can’t talk about an issue that is near and dear to all of us without name calling and character assassination. Measure G is in my opinion is just a way to shut down oil production for the sake of shutting it down. Oil is a staple of enery and will be replaced soon enough, but some people don’t seem to care about the people it hurts by needlessly banning it through fear mongering. Respect others opionions and make sound arguments then maybe you can change minds. (By the way, sitting in the front area of the lake pavilion and calling people to come down and vote isn’t electioneering and by bringing that up you are just proving that the whole thing was a political hit job to use at a later date to discredit someone. You should be ashamed for perpetuating such a blatant abuse of power.)

just look at Prop 6. Jaime and Domingo, my gardeners, were confused. all they could remember from the No on 6 ads were “justice for the people”. they admit to the confusion. they HATE the prices at the pump. their trucks make them a living.