Arroyo Grande police seeking to identify felony vandalism suspect

October 18, 2018

The Arroyo Grande Police Department is asking the public to help identify the suspect responsible for vandalizing 11 Jim Hill for mayor signs, public sidewalks and private property on the evening of Oct. 9. [Cal Coast Times]

As a new police officer was sworn in at Arroyo Grande City Hall, with most of the police department in attendance, the vandal drove around town in a sea-foam green, four-door, Toyota Prius throwing glass Christmas tree ornaments filled with brown oil base paint at Jim Hill for mayor signs and nearby property.

“We need your assistance in identifying the suspect vehicle, its occupant and any eye witnesses accounts or personal video surveillance that may assist the Arroyo Grande Police Department in identifying the suspect responsible for the felony vandalism,” officials said in a press release.

The suspect defaced property at the following locations:

The 1200 block of Farroll Avenue, the 100 block of S. Halcyon Road, the intersection of Huasna Road and Clarence Avenue, the 1100 block of E. Grand Avenue, the 1400 block of W. Branch Street, the intersection of James Way and Rancho Parkway, the 200 block of Corbett Canyon, the 500 block of S. Halcyon Road, and the intersection of Chilton Avenue and Oak Park Boulevard.

Officials are asking anyone with information that could assist the Arroyo Grande Police Department, to please call Senior Detective Vince Johnson at 805-473-5122.

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As is stated below, this person is a campaign worker for Caren Ray, and it shows the depths of Caren ray’s character that she has not turned this person’s name over to law enforcement.  As usual, the unethical SLO Progressive crowd will say and do anything to win an election, and voters should punish people like Caren Ray and Heidi Harmon.

Any politician who condones this activity is not fit for public office, and Caren Ray has shown clearly that she lacks the character to serve the Arroyo Grande public.  Shame on any politician who steeps to this level, and voters are encouraged to reelect incumbent mayor Jim Hill.

Mr. Hill has the experience, character and vision to lead Arroyo Grande in a positive direction.

Mr. George Bailey

Our election process is sacred in a society that can choose their leaders and representatives. Efforts to hinder this process in any way is unacceptable and should be met with the harshest of penalties.

And to the woman who carried out the sign defacing, your despicable act has brought more media attention to Mayor Hill’s campaign than money can buy.

It looks like the car owned by a woman on the Caren Ray campaign team. Wow!

I’m anxious to see an arrest in this case. 

Surely someone recognizes this vehicle, hopefully they come forward to identify this despicable, destructive person. 

A Prius driver, not surprised…….