Caren Ray continues to muddy the race with false allegations

October 30, 2018

Arroyo Grande Mayor Jim Hill


Caren Ray is again making false statements about me in her mayoral campaign. This time it’s about Brisco Road. In April of this year, immediately after the city attorney recommended I obtain an official advice letter from the Fair Political Practices Commission regarding the Brisco interchange project because the choice of options for Brisco would soon come before the council – I did.

The Brisco project long predates my time on the council. I have no beneficial interest in any of the project consultants, contractors, subcontractors or any other participants, nor any other entity that may be affected by the project. In their June advice letter, the FPPC found that based on their new rules, even though my home is half a mile away from the project, they believe that as a homeowner I have a resultant financial conflict that prohibits me from participating in the project deliberations.

So be it. There has been no “misconduct” as alleged by my opponent. There has been no discussion or council vote since I received the FPPC opinion.

However Caren Ray supporter (now Oceano Community Services District Director) Shirley Gibson, perhaps seeking to deflect attention from Ms. Ray’s defense of John Wallace’s criminal malfeasance at the Sanitation District as reported by the Grand Jury and her failure to challenge similar malfeasance at the Integrated Waste Management Agency while she was a director there, immediately filed a complaint against me for my early involvement in the Brisco Project.

Since my election in 2014, I have participated in discussions related to the project. The subjects addressed were all preliminary or temporary in nature. The discussions and decisions included extending pre-existing contracts for the design consultants for studies, and the temporary closure and subsequent reopening of the on and off-ramps as part of a traffic study. The FPPC completed their investigation of the complaint and did issue a warning against further participation in Brisco, which is consistent with their earlier advice letter. I remain fully compliant with the FPPC advice letter, as the FPPC acknowledged in their report.

My opponent falsely characterizes my past participation in Brisco studies as “misconduct” and claims “willful disregard for the City Attorney’s advice” which is also patently false.

Why would she do that? Recall that Ray was originally appointed to the City Council by Tony Ferrara, John Wallace’s enabler at the Sanitation District. And Gibson has opposed seeking restitution from Wallace for the ill-gotten proceeds of Wallace’s criminal self-dealing. I’m confident the voters can see through their charade. I appreciate the great continued support I’ve received from Arroyo Grande residents.


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Why not just vote Tell a friend , seems like the Drumming of the truth has finally caught up to this so called person…   How she was dropped into position , and how the real Ray is ..  seems like a hornets nest has been hacked as it should be ..  years and years  of so called stuff has come to light .. You can not hide from the truth.. as a child I learned be honest it never trips you up .. in the past years many folks think you can be dishonest , and get away with it .. no you can not .. enough .. very sorted past has caught up I’d say ..  LET’S Do a Run !!! .. without !

I normally wouldn’t had even looked at something in my mail from Caren Ray but had too this time. Mine came yesterday and I certainly wasn’t surprised at the obvious dishonest statements Ray made. It is sad to think some people may actually believe them, hopeful not many will. Her mailer went right into my trash, and on top of it I dumped my dogs thoughts, items they left me in the backyard. I almost felt sorry my pups presents had to be near this mailer, not really. My vote next Tuesday will be for Mayor Hill.

Why the surprise, these people flat out lie. It doesn’t even cause a minor ripple in their conscious anymore. It’s just what they do. The ONLY surprise is WHAT they invent. Miss the old Dems. It’s a sad statement for our community.

Mayor Jim Hill, just another attack from the progressive machine trying to take over Arroyo Grande City Council, to promote big development, and eventually place the burden of $1,000,000 a year cost of the Fire Authority on the shoulders of the citizens of Arroyo Grande. They waited until just before the election to put this out, so that there wasn’t much time for anyone to respond to her allegations. Sound familiar in Washington DC, Judge Cavanaugh hearings.

She signed a Code of Campaign Practices when she entered the race to run for Mayor. Which I signed as well when I pulled my papers to run for City Council member. There are seven principles in this Code, of which #4 to be exact states: I shall not use or permit any dishonest or unethical practice that tends to corrupt or undermine our American system of free elections, or that hampers or prevents the full and free expression of the will of the voters including acts intended to hinder or prevent any eligible person from registering to vote, enrolling to vote, or votingl. There is more, but my point is, how can she say she is following the Code of Campaign Practices that she signed when she has distorted the facts as she has. Distorting the truth to gain votes falls under that principal I would say. Mayor Jim Hill would never use this type of persuasion to convince voters to vote for him. He tells the truth, answers questions honestly, and doesn’t stoop down to that level for any reason.

Oh by the way just one other point, Mayor Jim Hill’s FPPC advise letter was sent out and the case was closed period, there was no Misconduct involved. Please anyone reading this comment, tell your friends and neighbors to please listen very closely to what each side has to say, then check it out, don’t just go blindly to the polls and vote because you have read something like the mailer that was received today. There are always two sides to every story, please choose the one that has your interests as it’s priority, not those of a chosen few, large developers, and friends.

Just received the mailer that stated these false allegations, today. I was astonished at what I was reading as the conditions, as she claims, did not exist as her allegations state. She’s appealing to the lowest of the lowest common denominators, people that pay no attention to what actually has been going on but are taken in by all the big signs strewn about town or….they’re all about development. We know Ms. Ray for who she is personally and career-wise. She’s a control freak. She wouldn’t get my vote if she were the only candidate for Head Dog Catcher. Hidden agendas and cronyism litter her “non-partisan” rhetoric. A wolf in sheep’s clothing.

You already have my vote, Mayor Hill.

I’m beginning to wonder if Caren Ray may actually be Adam Hill is disguise. The molds are way too identical.

Mayor Jim Hill,

Thank you for setting the record straight, and it frankly doesn’t surprise me that Caren Ray would stoop to lies, half-truths and deception in her desperate campaign to unseat you.  Unfortunately for the citizens of Arroyo Grande, Caren ray has a casual relationship with the truth, and it hardly surprises me that she is misrepresenting your record.

In my opinion, Caren Ray lacks the wisdom, character and judgement to serve the taxpaying public, and it appears that her main priority as an officeholder is lining the pockets of her friends and political donors.  Ms. Ray has been involved in a number of inappropriate scandals, and it really doesn’t surprise me that she has lied about your record.

Mayor Hill, I wish you the best of luck on election night, and I thank you for your incredible record of public service.  You have helped end an era of corruption in our local politics and the good people of Arroyo Grande deserve better than untrustworthy politicians like Tony Ferrara, Caren ray, John Shoals, Jeff Lee, etc.  Keep up the good work!

Thanks Again,

An Arroyo Grande Citizen Voter

Thank you Mrs Hill

booby N, You clearly don’t know what you’re talking about. Mrs. Hill would never comment here — nor would she hide her identity. Just say’n!

bobby N, I assume you were referring to me, COLEEN KUBEL, yes I use my real name?. Thank you again for opening another door for me to comment through, which you did several times on my Opinion Piece a couple of days ago. Coming from someone who doesn’t use his real name when making these comments it’s ironic that you would try and switch the subject with something like this. Do you think that the public really believes you, with a score of -5 right now on your comment? Can you answer a serious question for me right now? Why would Caren Ray openly distort the facts as she has in all of her written and verbal comments about Mayor Jim Hill, which can be proved without a doubt? Could it be that she is afraid of his record coming out truthfully, and honestly, which would show the citizens of Arroyo Grande what Mayor Jim Hill has truly accomplished for them? WOW, what would that do for her campaign!!! Thank you again bobby N