Teacher accused of filming girls’ underwear resigns

October 3, 2018

Chris Berdoll

An Atascadero middle school teacher accused of videotaping numerous girls’ underwear resigned from his teaching position at a school board hearing on Tuesday. [Cal Coast Times]

Chris Lynn Berdoll, 48, is charged with 44 felony counts related to production and possession of child pornography. Investigators have identified a total of 20 victims in the case who range in age from 9 to 15.

Berdoll was a sixth grade teacher at Atascadero Fine Arts Academy when he was arrested last month. Berdoll then went on paid administrative leave.

On Tuesday, Berdoll formally submitted his resignation, and the Atascadero Unified School District Board of Trustees accepted it. The resignation is retroactive to Sept. 27, and Berdoll is now off the district payroll.

Atascadero administrators have also completed a comprehensive internal investigation and reported all information collected to the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing, the body that oversees the issuing and revocation of teaching licenses in the state. Additionally, school officials say they will continue cooperating with law enforcement to ensure the justice process is fully served.

District officials say the Atascadero Fine Arts Academy has replaced Berdoll with a highly qualified permanent teacher. Officials are continuing to offer counseling services to all students and staff, not only at the Fine Arts Academy, but throughout the school district.

In the criminal case, Berdoll appeared in court last week for his first hearing. Berdoll did not enter a plea, and the arraignment hearing was continued until Oct. 18.

A judge, however, ordered Berdoll to stay 100 yards away from the alleged victims and to not have any communication with them. The protective order also bars Berdoll from possessing firearms.

Berdoll remains out of custody on a $500,000 bail. Prosecutors are seeking to increase the amount of Berdoll’s bail.

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Before the anti-union crowd laments how much help Berdoll gets from CTA, the facts should be noted. HIs resignation was simply a formality. Once he was charged, his pay and benefits from AUSD stopped, along with contributions to STRS—State Teachers Retirement System. In fact, because his crime took place on school grounds he will receive zero benefits from STRS even though he has paid into the retirement system for the length of his employment in Cal schools. But, of course, it looks like he may spend several years in Wasco or Corcoran.  

What about officials and the others in administration who had heard the talk but failed to look into it or inform the authorities? They still have their jobs and cushy salaries and pensions.

Probably a good idea to resign considering you’re heading to prison….or 2 weeks probation depending on how the DA feels!