typhus outbreak in LA County reaches epidemic levels

October 7, 2018

Health officials in Los Angeles County reported on Friday that a typhus outbreak has reached “epidemic levels” — which some experts blame on the poor living conditions of the areas homeless population. [Cal Coast Times]

Of the 42 cases reported this year, 20 were in Pasadena, 12 in Long Beach and nine other cases in the rest of the county. The source of the outbreak is linked to fleas spread by both pets and wild animals, according to the health department.

Typhus can cause flu like symptoms and in rare cases, meningitis and death. There is no vaccine.

Some homeless advocates blame the outbreak on the large number of rats and domestic dogs on skid row. Others point at the hot summer.

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Kettle yes I know there is a difference between Thypus and Typhoid. If you care check on the history of Thyphus and its causes. A Polish scientist invented a vaccine fo Thypus between ww1 and ww2. The Brits had a vaccine and came under fire for not using it when they liberated the camps in their sector of Germany.I also know that the army mandated we receive vaccine for Thypus.I had to sign off on shot records for each person who received each vaccine on what day it was received and the amount given.

California is turning into a third world country.

What do they mean no vaccine for Thphus? What was the Army injecting me with for over 28 years. No vaccine that shows what the over paid county and state health workers know. C.D.

“that shows what the over paid county and state health workers know.”

More than you apparently.

“Is there a difference between typhus and typhoid?

Both diseases contain the word ‘typhi’ in their official names. Rickettsia typhi is the proper name of typhus and it’s Salmonella typhi for typhoid. Infection vector, treatment and prevention, however, could not be more different: Vector: Typhoid infection is food borne; typhus infection is flea-borne.”

fleas, not flees.

But the actual cause is piss poor California government……

Over burdened social services and a wide-open borders with sanctuary cities, hummmmm.

“wide-open borders” No not wide open.

I have been there and “wide-open borders with sanctuary cities” is fox/fake BS news.

Bretbart bs is that way>>>>>>>>>

Your delusional

Your insulting, when you have no facts.