Another San Luis Obispo Cal Poly fraternity suspended for hazing

January 16, 2019

Cal Poly administrators placed the Sigma Pi fraternity on suspension this week for breaking university rules relating to hazing and alcohol use. [Cal Coast Times]

Sigma Pi is on full suspension until June 15. Sigma Pi will then be on social probation through the spring of 2020, according to Cal Poly.

Sigma Pi was placed on suspension for hazing and conspiracy to haze, as well as violations of alcohol use and health and safety rules, the Cal Poly website says. The fraternity also violated the Registered Student Organization Code of Conduct.

During the hazing, fraternity members humiliated students pledging the fraternity, causing mental and emotional distress, Cal Poly spokesman Matt Lazier told the Mustang News . University officials also determined the fraternity provided alcohol to pledges and minors during the recruitment and pledging processes.

Sigma Pi joins two other Cal Poly fraternities, Lambda Chi Alpha and Lambda Phi Epsilon, which are currently under university sanctions. Additionally, there is an ongoing investigation into the fraternity Kappa Sigma.

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Not just hazing, but also conspiracy. Wow. Call the DA. Hopefully all of the pledges were white so there was no conspiracy to commit racism.

Maybe next time President Armstrong should put them on double secret probation, that has to work.

Providing alcohol to a minor is one thing, that is against the law, but at what point does an adult “Pledge” assume responsibility for their actions? Unless they are tied up and forced to do “Whatever” I would think 100% responsible would be about right. Walk away. Stop being idiots.