Cal Poly spending $243,000 on diversity consultant

January 28, 2019

Amid a push to change the demographics of the Cal Poly campus, the university is spending $243,000 on a diversity consultant. [Tribune]

Damon A. Williams, an Atlanta-based consultant, and his team will provide Cal Poly a total of 38 days of consulting. About 15 of the 38 days will consist of consulting on the university campus.

Cal Poly held an event on Thursday in which university officials introduced Williams while announcing the launch of their “Inclusive Excellence Action Plan.” The plan is a 12-month initiative intended to accelerate the process of Cal Poly reaching its diversity and inclusion goals.

Last year, the university faced heavy criticism from activists and media over alleged racism on campus and at Cal Poly-related events. In particular, a fraternity blackface incident sparked large protests on campus.

Additionally, Cal Poly was found to have the least racially diverse student population among all universities in California. In 2017, the Cal Poly student body was 54.8 percent white, according to enrollment data released by the CSU and UC systems.

Cal Poly already has an Office of University Diversity and Inclusion, whose director serves as a university vice president and chief diversity officer.

University spokesman Matt Lazier said the funding for Williams’ $243,000 contract will not come out of the general fund, tuition or student fees. It is unclear how the diversity consulting project is being funded.


Diversity. What a novel concept. Maybe the Consultants can provide opinion on the 3 new dorm buildings and how the $5000 per month 4 bed luxury micro apartments promote diversity and integration.

The State Density Bonus Law that Heidi hides behind agrees there is need for affordable student housing and changes signed in to law last year. But the law requires 30% affordability, a housing contract with the State and each bed calculated as a density unit, not the apartment. Wonder what that would do to the sub par parking Heidi approved? Guess it was better to ignore this and spend our tax payer dollars on high priced attorney’s to defend Heidi’s support maneuvering a loop hole outside the intent of the student housing density bonus law in exchange for a couple affordable studios that they can’t seem to even rent. Thanks Heidi for thinking of college diversity….guess you don’t have to concern yourself about housing for poor students and community diversity as you should with the segregation and redlining you allow with affordable housing citywide. Poor students often minorities, just cannot afford your concept of affordable student housing.


For a measly $25K I’ll show the cal poly staff how to pull their heads out of their rectums. What a waste of money. And SLO’s homeless and destitute go hungry another night.


Heidi wasn’t available? she MIGHT have given them a home town discount.


Diversity Consulting is a worthy place to start. But let’s not stop there!

I propose a grand virtue-signaling department, growing up like a weed in the midst of the higher education garden of California:

Diversity Consultant 243k

Recycling/environmental consultant 240k

Privilege Consultant 300k

Inclusiveness Consultant 300k

Resistance Coordinator 200k (part time work only in republican administrations)

Campus Ballot Access Consultant 300k

Information Gatekeeper 250k

Disinformation Denouncer 300k

Safe Space Consultant 300k

And this is just for starters.


Recycling/environmental consultant 240k –

they already have one of these (actually 3).

The combined salaries and benefits for the three people working in this “department” add up to $378,000, so you were low in your guess.




The virtues of diversity is one of the biggest crocks ever shoved down the throats of the American people.

nazbol gang

I was looking at the New Times this morning and realized it is so stupid I can’t even troll it anymore. But what is also stupid are diversity consultants. The story of what happened with the diversity consultant at Apple is a good one too. These are the times we live in. People can’t afford to live here and then half a million dollars are being thrown at clowns. It’s not going to end well. None of this is going to end well at all.


Nazbol, Hillary Clinton has nothing to do with this, fox news is that way >>>>>>


Nice gig if you can get it–$6,394/day consultant!


Cal Poly couldn’t find any “diversity consultants” in California?

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