Cal Poly spending $243,000 on diversity consultant

January 28, 2019

Amid a push to change the demographics of the Cal Poly campus, the university is spending $243,000 on a diversity consultant. [Tribune]

Damon A. Williams, an Atlanta-based consultant, and his team will provide Cal Poly a total of 38 days of consulting. About 15 of the 38 days will consist of consulting on the university campus.

Cal Poly held an event on Thursday in which university officials introduced Williams while announcing the launch of their “Inclusive Excellence Action Plan.” The plan is a 12-month initiative intended to accelerate the process of Cal Poly reaching its diversity and inclusion goals.

Last year, the university faced heavy criticism from activists and media over alleged racism on campus and at Cal Poly-related events. In particular, a fraternity blackface incident sparked large protests on campus.

Additionally, Cal Poly was found to have the least racially diverse student population among all universities in California. In 2017, the Cal Poly student body was 54.8 percent white, according to enrollment data released by the CSU and UC systems.

Cal Poly already has an Office of University Diversity and Inclusion, whose director serves as a university vice president and chief diversity officer.

University spokesman Matt Lazier said the funding for Williams’ $243,000 contract will not come out of the general fund, tuition or student fees. It is unclear how the diversity consulting project is being funded.


When I went to Poly, our diversity issue concerned the sexes. We had very few women on campus. I saw a lot of SLO High School girls at dances in Mott Gym.


If Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was with us today, with the same words he said many years ago, the Left would also be attacking him……….

When this is all over White, Black, and Brown will all be in chains as the Elites gloat over how they were able to manipulate us and turn us against each other.

God help us!


In Sacramento the used to call SLO “The Middle Kingdom” because it was midway between SF and LA and was overwhelmingly white. I was present at a meeting in SLO over 30 years ago where a “consultant” from Sacramento said that in the capitol the EEOC and others were disturbed by our lack of racial diversity and that plans were under way to change the face of the county. The consultant was aghast when I asked if she ever considered that was why many of our “new” residents had moved here and why our property values were increasing.

I assume that this latest iteration of “consultant” paid for with money that should be spent educating children, is just a continuation of the scheme laid out to me all those years ago.


This whole thing is just stupid. $243,000.00 to push racism/sexism against white males – great use of tax dollars. Even if Cal Poly won’t admit it.


It’s the white mans fault I tell ya. We don’t need some fancy expensive consultant to tell us that.

All problems at Cal Poly are caused by white males!


Indeed, ffarmchicken, it is the white man’s fault. We’ve been hearing this a lot lately, and when something is repeated all the time, we know it is either true, or about to become true.

But what’s the practical takeaway? Where is the silver lining to the black cloud of White Privilege?

It’s here: Choose only doctors, engineers, attorneys and other professionals who are people of non-white color…..AND who got into higher education via a quota system, like AA, or Diversity thingies.

I want my brain surgeon, first and foremost, to be someone who got into college based on the color of their skin or their sexual orientation…..and if they had OK grades along with their skin color/sexual orientation all the better. But the important thing is that they got through school based on a quota system, not the out-dated merit based system that favors Asians and White people with good grades, etc.

Competence isn’t really what we’re after. We want to signal to the rest of the world that we’re happy to promote people based on Race, Gender, Religion and sexual orientation…..all the stuff we’re not supposed to base our decisions on……except we are? Or aren’t?

Well, I suppose that’s why the Diversity Consultant makes the big bucks. They and they alone know how to discriminate properly.


Recommendation to improve diversity. Lower your admittance standards. That will be one quarter million dollars please. Suckers!


All you have to do is simply evaluate each person you meet as an individual. Trying to make diversity a goal or mandate is nonsense as is spending a ridiculous amount of money for “diversity consulting”.

Garbage, a scam, unnecessary, PC gone mad.


Make it diverse like Berkley where Antifa beats the hell out of some old man wearing a MAGA hat and then burns down a few buildings when they dont like some conservative speaker. We need some of that diversity like they have in L A or S F. Wonderful investment!


The new buzz word Diversity. When I grew up it was Affirmative Action. So here we go again.