Man killed outside Paso Robles bar was suspected serial burglar

January 2, 2019

Jose Montes Guillen


The Paso Robles man killed Friday while trying to stop a friend from driving was arrested in September for an alleged string of residential burglaries. [Cal Coast Times]

On Sept. 20, a resident returned to a home on Katherine Court, went into their bedroom and surprised a burglar. Officers reviewed surveillance footage of the incident and spotted Jose Montes Guillen fleeing the bedroom through an open window with a black backpack.

In a press release, police said Montes Guillen was believed to be responsible for a string of burglaries in Paso Robles.

After receiving a tip from a witness, on Sept. 22 officers located Montes Guillen, who was trying to hide behind a parked car, and arrested him for felony burglary. He is scheduled for a hearing on Jan. 7.

On Friday evening, a friend of Montes Guillen, 21-year-old Sarah Hale, left the Santa Maria Brewing Company where she used to work as a waitress and got into her car. Guillen, 21, attempted to stop Hale from driving while intoxicated, but was killed when she drove away knocking him to the ground.

Officers found Hale at her home and arrested her for driving under the influence and felony hit and run. Hale posted bail and was released before Montes Guillen succumbed to his injuries.

Sarah Hale

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Okay so everyone is entitled to a past. However those who truly know this family know what they been through. His parents have to say goodbye to yet another child, his younger brother with no siblings left. Jose didn’t deserve to die this way saving this girl’s life, last I heard she’s free. Jose’s parents will never be able to see him much less hug him. Sure life didn’t give Jose enough time to demonstrate he’s changed or to prove himself to his peers he will never have that chance. I just hope his family finds peace in this tuff time. Rest in paradise with your sister ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ Rest in peace Güero y Janette…

This guy was robbing people . I consider this Karma. I have no remorse for him and in the days of lyft and uber the girl should have called for a ride instead of being an idiot

This kid did not deserve to die.

His history with law enforcement may perhaps explain why he didn’t just cal the police to report his friend.

he was robbing people’s homes! so I guess you think that is ok?

And you believe burglary warrants death. The crimes he may have committed may have landed him in jail, but more likely on probation. You are just trolling.

A two-fer sort of.

I guess society is better off for the overall result of this situation.