Newsom calls for health care for illegal immigrants and a mandate

January 8, 2019

Gov. Gavin Newsom

Shortly after being sworn in as California governor on Monday, Gavin Newsom announced sweeping healthcare proposals that include expanding Medi-Cal to cover young illegal immigrant adults and reinstating a health insurance mandate. [Cal Coast Times]

Newsom campaigned on a platform of universal healthcare and said the issue would be among his top priorities as governor. His announcement was characterized as a first step toward universal healthcare.

“Far away judges and politicians may try to turn back our progress. But we will never waiver in our pursuit of guaranteed healthcare for all Californians,” Newsom said during his inaugural address that preceded the announcement on healthcare policy.

If enacted, California would become the first state to cover illegal immigrants younger than 26 through Medi-Cal. A 2018 legislative proposal estimated the cost of doing so at $250 million a year. The cost would have to be entirely covered by California, despite the mix of federal and state funds that typically make up Medi-Cal funding.

Newsom’s proposal to create an individual mandate follows President Donald Trump eliminating the federal health insurance mandate that was part of Obamacare. The governor’s proposal calls for requiring all consumers in California to carry health insurance.

The proposal also outlines subsidy increases for middle-class families to help those who need health insurance obtain it.

Also on Monday, Newsom signed executive orders to consolidate California’s prescription drug purchases into a state-run program and to create a surgeon general position that would examine health disparities before they manifest. Additionally, Newsom sent a letter to Congress and the White House requesting legislative changes that would allow California to have the regulatory freedom to overhaul its healthcare system and move toward single payer.

Newsom’s proposed state budget, which will be released Thursday, will include some of the new healthcare proposals.


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The LIMOSINE LIBERALS from San Fran have taken over the state. Look at the interlocking Pilosi, Newsome, Brown, Getty families currently and in the past. Check out the ownership of the Plumpjack restaurants and wine shops. They have lots of money and can pay and benefit from the high taxes but to hell with the rest of us. God save California!


For those that can’t afford $10k/month for lifesaving medicines this will be helpful. For the knuckleheads that think healthcare ain’t broke (“Sure it’s insanely expensive and overly complicated, but we like it that way”), look up what actual doctors say about it. Ever been told by your car mechanic that if you don’t fix it now it’ll lead to a more expensive repair later? That’s what governments all over the world (except ours) have learned about healthcare; affordable healthcare that focuses on prevention winds up saving lives and money!


Attention all, please observe an excellent example of a straw man argument.

No one I know or have read says that healthcare isn’t broken. Actually I pity you for the bubble you are presently in. Get out more and talk to people who don’t automatically agree with you. You might learn something.


Again, not how, but who will pay for all of this?

And as has happened before, once the non-paying Elites get all of our money, the only thing “left” is to enslave the population. Remember, you can have a ruined economy, you only need enough to keep the Elites in high style (check out conditions in Venezuela).


Awww look at all of the unhappy conservatives. You wanted the pussy grabber in chief, this is part of the backlash.

California will only get more liberal as time goes, look at orange county. Get over it or leave the economic zone.


Well as the successfull and highly taxed people and corporations leave the state, who are you going tax to support your utopian vision of the future? Eventually you run out of other people’s money to spend.


It isn’t a backlash-Jerry Brown knew it is an unsustainable plan and wishful thinking isn’t going to change that.

Ah, the OC with one of the highest income inequality areas? That is good in your eyes? Have you thought any of this through?

nazbol gang

Nah, y’all had a good run but it’s reached peak liberal. What you see now are extreme flailing attempts to retain the narrative. The pendulum will be starting to swing the other way in 10 years when the boomers are gone.


What happens to your liberal utopia when all the people who pay taxes leave? You can’t run a state filled with just the takers…California can’t print its way out of default like the Feds can.


Trump may not be the best but he is a lot better than another Clinton. You want to call him names but at least he has not been accused or rape like liar cheater Bill Clinton. So trump got four F because of foot problems at least he did not go to Russia like Hiily an Billy.


I think the Governor and ALL members and staff of the Assembly and State Senate should enroll themselves on state funded health care (Medi-Cal) rather than have us pay for their private health insurance?


Why is it that 30 years ago health care was not the major issue it is today? Think about it. It’s not hard to figure out.


The GOP letting corporations run roughshod over American Citizens with tax break/campaign contributions at our expense.

Reagan and the Bushes, war criminals.


Ever seen the PBS Frontline special “Obama’s Deals”? Kinda puts a BIG spoiler in your assumptions. That being said, I would agree that the Republicans have been less than worthless in getting to a solution.


Its funny how so many of those who despise “big business” and their bonuses and tax breaks have no problem buying 90% of their needs off Amazon. You know, the $151 billion a years business run by the world richest man. The one who business practices are criminal and treats employees like shit. Of course that order was made off their iphone 8 made by enslaved factory workers in China making 25 cents an hour. Um yeah…the GOP is satan like. Tell us your not an 18 your old snowflake.


You have the balls to Reagan an Bushes War Crimials? Who was it that went Ito Bosnia Slick Willie that’s who .Who said we will only be there eighteen months at the most. Where do we still have troops that’s right Bosnia. It was to save the Mosllems. What was payback Twin Towers.

nazbol gang

The post WW2 wealth dried up, mass migration, outsourcing of good working class jobs starting in the 1970’s, women entering the workplace, destruction of western culture etc


“Guaranteed healthcare for all Californians.” Not a bad idea but how can you declare that some immigrants are illegal but at the same time call them Californians? That should be considered illegal. $250 million, who are they trying to kid? It will cost way more than that for them just to figure it out. I think the swamp just got plugged up because there is a foul odor that is overcoming California.


As with most of the laws former Gov Brown passed and now Brown squared, I mean Newsome plans on passing, Sacramento exempts themselves from having to obey the laws or they have their own plan for themselves in place.


Why is it they always force on us what they won’t use themselves? Sounds so forward thinking in the speech…but it is and will be a disaster. I’ve experienced the federal edition and it’s a sad display. Please Mr.GOV get your hands out of medicine and our pockets while you’re at it. I’m getting you have the finest medical care money can buy…? Am I right?


Trump has his tiny hands much farther into your pockets then GN.

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