Newsom calls for health care for illegal immigrants and a mandate

January 8, 2019

Gov. Gavin Newsom

Shortly after being sworn in as California governor on Monday, Gavin Newsom announced sweeping healthcare proposals that include expanding Medi-Cal to cover young illegal immigrant adults and reinstating a health insurance mandate. [Cal Coast Times]

Newsom campaigned on a platform of universal healthcare and said the issue would be among his top priorities as governor. His announcement was characterized as a first step toward universal healthcare.

“Far away judges and politicians may try to turn back our progress. But we will never waiver in our pursuit of guaranteed healthcare for all Californians,” Newsom said during his inaugural address that preceded the announcement on healthcare policy.

If enacted, California would become the first state to cover illegal immigrants younger than 26 through Medi-Cal. A 2018 legislative proposal estimated the cost of doing so at $250 million a year. The cost would have to be entirely covered by California, despite the mix of federal and state funds that typically make up Medi-Cal funding.

Newsom’s proposal to create an individual mandate follows President Donald Trump eliminating the federal health insurance mandate that was part of Obamacare. The governor’s proposal calls for requiring all consumers in California to carry health insurance.

The proposal also outlines subsidy increases for middle-class families to help those who need health insurance obtain it.

Also on Monday, Newsom signed executive orders to consolidate California’s prescription drug purchases into a state-run program and to create a surgeon general position that would examine health disparities before they manifest. Additionally, Newsom sent a letter to Congress and the White House requesting legislative changes that would allow California to have the regulatory freedom to overhaul its healthcare system and move toward single payer.

Newsom’s proposed state budget, which will be released Thursday, will include some of the new healthcare proposals.


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This story isn’t about “Trump” citizen kettle… It’s a story about the new Gov Gav and his words. If you want his type of California, go walk the streets of SF, talk to farmers in the valley, or hang out a few hours at your local state or VA single payer medical facility… or even walk the riverbed up in Paso Robles. Lots we can do to try and fix what we can if it wasn’t about votes and power. Dem or Repub. Educate yourself don’t drink the the koolaid.


If you walk the streets of SF make sure to wear rubber boots, just sayin’.


Make all of the illegals state employees to finish Gov. Browns high speed train to nowhere. What’s a few more feeding at the public hog trough? Go for it Gov. Nuceince.


I posted Newsome’s speech in the Screwgol Poltical Speech Translator:

“We’re gonna control the healthcare market ourselves….me and a few of the boys. We’ll get rich in the process, of course. We will also insure a large voting block for the foreseeable future as NO ONE will dare take away healthcare insurance from a baby!……….if you have money right now, we’re going to need it. If you don’t have money, don’t worry, we’ll give you a piece of the money we take from those who have it………….I’m going to be the most powerful governor ever…….make sure people know that if they think they own themselves, their property or their money they are enemies of my administration. We’ll have new laws to deal with them too………”

CA has gone crazy. Massive trainwreck in the future…..


Why is it that people in office spend the taxpayers money like there is no tomorrow, I was under the impression that these people were the watchdogs of the taxpayer, but no sooner than they get into office they either force something on us we don’t want, IE: mandatory health care for one and a fine if we don’t partake of their scheme, and then want to GIVE to the illegals everything that the rest of us have worked for, they will even talk about doing this as they are stumping for election and the dumb ass sheep vote them in, what am I missing here. We have business’s leaving the state by the truck load, our schools suck, and just about every other elected person in office or appointed in as we see in the waste management farce is a crook, the air resources board is running amok, and I’m sure there is so much more behind the scenes that we don’t see it would put us in a state of shock. Is there an answer to all this, or are we going to continue the downhill slide.

I’ll go back to my corner with my tinfoil hat now.


I have read that one of the main reason that this is going on is that the black communities are starting to believe more with the Republicans ie: more jobs, actually believing in police protection etc. Therefore the Demolition Squad, aka Democrats, are concentrating on the immigrants for their new voting base. If you were given everything and didn’t have to work, who would you vote for? Heck I might even go for it.


“Didn’t need no welfare state, everybody pulled his weight, gee our old lasalle ran great…those were the days”..


Map: Illegal immigration costs California most, $23B, all states $89B, When federal costs are included, the price tag nationally soars to $135 billion a year.


I have not had any dental or medical insurance since I moved out of my parents house in 80s .When I needed either I just paid cash. When an employer offered it to me , I told them whatever the insurance cost just add it to my paycheck .A lot of business want a person insured makes comp cheaper .At the beginnings of the 80s they switched the name from medical insurance to health insurance somehow planting the thought it will make a person healthier Hogwash !! Cancer used to be listed as natural cause of death now everything is cancer .Illegals don’t deserve any insurance people will come here from all over the world for expensive surgeries .One payer is said to be 400 billion to taxpayers Ca yearly budget 200 billion we are in trouble .I thank Mr Trump for releiving me of paying the OBUMA CARE fine


It’s never been the government’s responsibility to provide health care. Unfortunately many think it is. But you only have to look at the VA to see how they screw it up when they are involved. Newsom just wants to assure more democrat voters… legal or not. He could give a rats ass about them as people.


Undocumented immigrants should NOT get any benefits until all Americans have full health benefits.


Newsom did say that healthcare for illegal immigrants up to age 26 would be FREE. Not subsidized, FREE. I don’t think he mentioned how the state government would pay for it.


Newsom did say that healthcare for illegal immigrants up to age 26 would be FREE. Not subsidized, FREE. I don’t think he mentioned how the state government would pay for it.

He did indeed mention how the state would pay for it: MANDATE

That means people who have money will pay inflated prices for mandatory coverage so that those who cannot afford insurance get it for “free.”

The state will raise money by:

1. all kinds of taxes

2. massive amounts of traffic tickets, DUI’s, environmental fines and fees

3. Forcing people to buy insurance and dictating the price.

super great stuff if your life is energized by the spirit of envy. Not so great if you’re stupid enough to work hard and save money.