Nine applicants for three SLO marijuana store permits

January 31, 2019


The city of San Luis Obispo has received 12 applications for marijuana businesses, nine of which are for brick and mortar dispensaries. Two of the applications are for delivery services and one is for a micro-enterprise. [Cal Coast Times]

San Luis Obispo’s ordinance allows for three brick and mortar marijuana stores, as well as other types of pot businesses to operate in the city. The city accepted applications for marijuana business permits between Jan. 7 and Jan. 29, according to the city’s website. Now that the deadline has passed, the city has stopped accepting applications.

SLO officials charge a $22,519 application fee for pot business permits. Applicants can reportedly submit a deposit of $7,431 and then, if they receive the permit, pay the remaining $15,088.

Annual permit fees for operating marijuana businesses are even higher. They range from approximately $65,900 to $90,575, with retail stores being at the high end of the range.

Critics have said the fees are very high and would deter some businesses from applying, thus limiting the number of quality applicants. It is unclear if that has turned out to be the case.

Numerous pot businesses and entrepreneurs showed interest in obtaining an operating permit in San Luis Obispo, with people in the industry, both local and from out of town, speaking at a city council hearing in November.

At the hearing, council members agreed they wanted local applicants. The city is using a scoring process for ranking applications that favors applicants with SLO County residents involved in their businesses and who promise to predominantly hire SLO County residents.

The scoring process also awards points for having a history of supporting local community programs, which prompted some critics to allege the city is skewing the process in favor of Helios Dayspring, a local marijuana mogul. Dayspring’s pot business has put on multiple community events, including several for children.

Other criteria for which applicants receive points include having principals in the business who earn at or below the median household income and having a track record of operating a legally compliant pot business. The city, however, does not penalize applicants for prior violations of marijuana rules if staffers determine them to have been minor.


There are over sixty restaurants and bars in in the City of San Luis of San Luis Obispo serving alcoholic beverages…So, um….three outlets for legal marijuana will be the end of local, small town civilization as we know it….? Really?

Then there’s the proposed 700 new “dwelling units” planned for the Bullock Ln. /Orcutt Rd. area and 400 or so between the freeway and Madonna Rd…( with four rows of turnips along 101 as a “greenbelt.” )

Give us a week or two to ponder which will be more “detrimental to the small town character of San Luis Obispo.”…… 5,000 or so more motorists….or three marijuana products stores……


The Workforce Development Board’s vision: meet the needs of employers and JOB SEEKERS. A comprehensive position on meaningful local job creation, salary minimums and training with this new community industry may be needed. Six figure license fees is a problem for the small businessman. Maybe the fee could be on a sliding scale to allow some small business operators to get ahead.

Close Workforce Board connections with the Economic Vitality Corporation, Chamber, Fhe Community Foundation SLO (another non-profit that manages local elders donative “assets and investments”), and development consultants may mean collaborative policy on where political leverage is place.


Corruption in action. How is this OK? The stuff was supposed to be legal, but it appears the only thing that was legalized was graft and corruption. Do we elect corrupt people to government, or do they learn the corruption thang after elected?


Ha, ha. Don’t anybody forget that one of Dayspring’s community events was a fundraiser for Mayor Harmon and Councilmembers Christianson and Stewart. He’s a shoo-in for sure.

As for preference for a low-income applicant — what the? How can any poor person pay those fees and license costs then have the wherewithal left to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps by selling dope? This is progressive baloney for sure. All successful applicants will be rich guys with some poor person (maybe the mayor?) as a figurehead chieftain.


Another corrupt action by the Progressive Democrat City Council. They can eat, drink or smoke their pot as the watch the destruction of San Luis Obispo.


The following are pre-requisites for obtaining a Marijuana License:

1. Record of at least one felony arrest

2. Not from around here

3. “connected” to local politics

4. “Connected” to Sacramento politics

5. Half a million dollars

Local folks who were operating legally for years need not apply.

Ben Daho

What a sick, disgusting group of humans. who gave them permission to act like savages? We’re people that just want a fair share of the market and only the wealthy can even begin the legal methods.


Ben, you must join the mantra and learn to share the wealth according to the Progressive Democratic Play Book.

nazbol gang

What a scam. I despise this industry and what the drug does to people. It literally lowers peoples IQ, which is probably why it’s promoted so hard. I guess this will all come down to whoever gives The Harmon mafia the most tribute.


Reefer Madness much?

“In particular alcohol use was found to be strongly associated with IQ decline,” the authors write. “No other factors were found to be predictive of IQ change.”

nazbol gang

Have you ever had to deal with stoners?


I driver Uber, so yes, all the time, and drunks 10x more often, guess which group causes more problems and damages to my car? Hint: It isn’t the stoners.


Has anyone noticed the increase car chases (3 in one week), crimes and carjackings, etc. in this County in the last couple of months. People have gone into the deep pit but don’t worry felony crimes are down because major crimes have been reclassed to misdemeanors so everyone can claim how wonderful “reform” is working.


Ding Ding… may the under the table payoffs begin, just like in Grover Beach


What a mess. Fees, fees, fees. Why would you over fee someone when at the same time they have told us that this is the golden drug that is going to save SLO financially? Although I’m not s supporter of the legalization of marijuana, it was passed and it’s now the law. This article demonstrate nothing but discrimination for anyone being selected for a permit unless you are connected to the city. I had to laugh when one of the conditions is that you would get extra points if you earned below the median income and had operated a pot business before. High fees-minimum income=failure. Keep tuned this is going to be interesting to watch. I wonder who the next big contributors will be in SLO?