Revamped SLO project now calls for 702 residences

February 1, 2019

A proposed mixed-used development in San Luis Obispo that was brought forward last year as a 606-home project has been revamped and is now a proposal that consists of constructing 702 homes in a high-density manner. [Tribune]

Last year, Atoll Holdings LLC was seeking to redevelop the vacant Atoll Business park on a 17-acre site at the corner of Laurel Lane and Orcutt Road. Now, Blue Sky Development is proposing 702 apartments and townhouses at the site, as well as commercial space that would include a microbrewery, coffee shop and deli.

The development could be as tall as five stories. The apartments would range in size from just 380 square feet to 850 square feet, with 56 of the homes being reserved for residents who make well below the city’s average salary.

Chuck Braff, of Blue Sky’s development team, said San Luis Obispo has a need for housing for firefighters, teachers and others who make up the workforce. That is whom the planned homes are intended for, Braff said.

The plan calls for converting a 196,000 square-foot manufacturing building into housing spread across 11 buildings. Atoll Holdings is the current commercial tenant of the large building space.

The nearby Crux Climbing Gym, which is located in a separate building, would remain in place. Last year’s proposal called for integrating the climbing gym into the development.

San Luis Obispo’s planning commission will review a conceptual plan for the project at its Feb. 13 meeting.

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firefighters and teachers deserve to live in normal houses not high density apartments

Actually you deserve to live where you afford to live. A certain “job” does not entitle you to a living situation that’s better than someone else’s. Money rules. Always has and always will.