Shark attacks Cal Poly student surfing at Montana de Oro

January 9, 2019

A great white shark attacked a 19-year-old Cal Poly student who was surfing at Sandspit Beach at Montana de Oro State Park on Tuesday morning. [Tribune]

At about 10 a.m., shark bit Nick Wapner’s right ankle and then clamped down all the way up to his left thigh, the Cal Poly student told a state park ranger while being treated at Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center.

Wapner, originally from Palos Verdes, managed to kick at the shark and free himself.

The Cal Poly student was surfing with friends at the time of the attack. Wapner managed to get himself to the hospital by car.

Wapner suffered a couple of deep wounds, but they were not life threatening, Colligan said. Wapner received about 50 stitches to seal his wounds.

The great white that attacked Wapner was an estimated 15 feet long with an 18-inch dorsal fin. The shark attack may have been an exploratory bite in which the great white bit into the surfer’s legs and then realized that was not what it was looking for, Colligan said.

Wapner reportedly said he was shaken up by the incident, but he was already talking about getting back out into the water and surfing again. A photo of Wapner’s surfboard with bite marks has been circulating on social media.

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Lucky kid, glad he’s ok.

Why am I thinking of that old Saturday Night Live sketch?