Burglars shoot out taproom windows in Cholame, video

February 24, 2019

A pair of armed burglars shot out the windows of the Mission Trail Cider House taproom located on the historic Hearst Jack Ranch on Highway 46 in Cholame on Jan. 19. [Cal Coast Times]

At about 8:35 p.m., the thieves shot out the front window and the glass in two doors before entering the taproom. One burglar then took about $400 from the cash register while the second thief wandered around with his hand on his gun.

Workers at the Jack Ranch Cafe spotted the damage when they arrived to work early Wednesday morning. A month earlier, burglars had broken into the restaurant and snatched $100 from the cash register. It is suspected the burglaries are related.

After discovering the thieves did not wear gloves, taproom owner Victor Jones asked San Luis Obispo Sheriff deputies to collect fingerprints. It took seven calls and three days for deputies to return and process the prints, Jones said.

“It is frustrating because they did not seem to take it seriously,” Jones said.

After watching the video, deputies determined the weapons were most likely BB guns and it is possible the burglars are teenagers, Jones said.

Jones is asking anyone who recognizes the thieves or knows anything about the burglary to call him at 805-556-5233.


Inside job….


They’ve been there before, they walked directly to the register. They didn’t look around, they knew exactly where to go. When the one kid turned on the light, did the other one call him Liam? Or did he say leave em?


Two break-ins and both times money was left in the register??


My neighboring property owner was using illegals for a un-permitted remodel, I didn’t care, if he had a permit it still would have been the same illegals, or criminal white-trash. All of my outdoor power equipment and tools were stolen. Half a cigarette was left on the top of a waste container hidden from view from the street per SLO City standards. Without touching it, I put it in a new, unused, plastic ziplock bag. I offered it to the very courteous and professional SLOPD officer taking my report. Almost everybody’s thumbprint is on file at the DMV (they have a compete set of my prints from an employment background investigation). The answer was no, we do not investigate property crimes, we just take reports. Fair enough, if I’d spotted that evidence in connection with an physical assault, or worse, I’d be a hero, otherwise it’s a cost-benefit analysis. I do not fault the SLOCO Sheriff’s Dept., SLOPD, or any other law enforcement agency on results in the absence of suspicion they are not competently doing their job. They do as good a job as can be expected. The rest is on society, that’s you and me and whatever continued degradation we allow.


Wrong, sorry, the answer is, property crimes are not considered “serious” under CA Realignment law, meaning even if caught, these people will never go to prison and quite possibly not even jail if it’s too crowded. Unless you commit a violent, sexual or “serious” (whatever that is now) crime, you won’t be prosecuted for a felony and ergo won’t do anything more than jail time. As a result, why should law enforcement even bother to investigate? Grand theft auto is now just jail time at most. But if you defend your property like the CMC guard in Los Osos did against a would-be burglar, you are the bad guy.

Welcome to the new world.


DUI is not a felony and arrests have curbed DUIs. The idea if someone is only going to jail for several months it will not deter crime is silly. What is increasing crime is those paid to arrest and prosecute crimes who decide burglaries and corruption are not worth their time. It is time for our law enforcement officers and prosecutors to do their jobs and arrest and prosecute crimes even if they do not like realignment.

If someone does something stupid at 18 lets ruin their life and give them as much time in jail so when they get out there is no chance for improvement? I do not think so.


Paul Jones. . Your comment is a contradiction of itself. .