SLO City Council endorses another mixed-use development

February 7, 2019

Amid an ongoing wave of mixed-use and high-density housing projects coming to San Luis Obispo, the SLO City Council gave initial approval on Tuesday to another planned development, this one consisting of nearly 250 small to mid-sized apartments, as well as commercial space. [Cal Coast Times]

Area Grove Investments LLC is proposing constructing 13,530 square feet of residential space and 17,500 square feet of commercial space on a 12.75-acre lot at 650 Tank Farm Road, close to Broad Street. The property is currently occupied by a mobile home park and an RV storage location.

Project plans call for 249 rental units, which would consist of 149 two-bedroom apartments, 50 single-bedroom apartments and 50 studios. The project also includes a pool, clubhouse and recreational space.

There would be 16 residential buildings and four mixed-use buildings. Of the 12.75 acres that make up the property, 2.65 acres would remain open space.

The 13 current tenants of the trailer park would receive priority for renting units that would replace the mobile homes currently on the site. The new apartments would be leased at both market and “affordable” rates.

On Tuesday, the San Luis Obispo council unanimously approved general plan and Airport Area Specific Plan amendments that would allow for converting the property from a mobile home park to a mixed-use development. The council also introduced an ordinance on rezoning the property.

Project plans could still change. The city planning commission has yet to approve a use permit for the project and the architectural design of the development.


If the city council had turned this latest sham development down, THAT would be news.


After study after study revealing the serious water problems in SLO it is almost unbelievable that these projects just keep getting approved without having conditions for approval regarding water use. Of course we all have heard about the relationships ($$$$$$) between developers and politicians in SLO so it’s no wonder what’s going on. As a citizen of SLO they should all get together and demand that in the future that they will not be held financially responsible for the damage that is being approved now regarding the abuse of a limited water supply.


SLO city progressive government “officials” like to beat the citizens with the water shortage just to show you they’re in charge of YOU. When it come to them making money (donations/favors) from developers, the water shortage is of no concern.


I wonder what impact this will have on our current water use situation and affordable housing markets around the county.

nazbol gang

Let them eat cake


Just more evidence (as if we needed any more) this council’s concern with affordable housing is fake. There’s no more affordable housing than mobile homes, yet this is the third mobile home park the council has allowed to be gentrified to market rate rentals, and there are no new mobile home parks on the drawing board. For shame, SLO: you really don’t care, do you.