SLO County Supervisor Adam Hill’s mic turned off during outburst

February 8, 2019


San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill lashed out at Tuesday’s board meeting when he was told to end a discussion because it violated the Brown Act. Hill continued his rampage prompting Supervisor Debbie Arnold to cut off his microphone. [Cal Coast Times]

In response to a Tribune commentary that claimed the county elections office is making it harder for people to vote, penned by a political columnist who has worked for Hill, County Clerk Recorder Tommy Gong addressed allegations his office attempted to suppress voters.

In his column, Tom Fulks claims that Gong failed to implement state law, SB 450. The law requires elections officials forward ballots for other counties within eight days of the election, a change that Gong immediately implemented. SB 450 also provides county’s the option of requiring all mail-in ballot elections with vote centers.

Along with 14 other counties, Gong requested the option of implementing vote centers in 2018. However, after researching the requirements which included increased costs associated with infrastructure and manning polling stations for 10 days, Gong and nine of the 14 other county election officials opted not to implement the all mail-in ballot option in 2018.

We are already at a 75 percent rate of vote by mail voters,” Gong said. “Voters can by all means request to be a permanent vote by mail voter. We have 138 polling places that we staff on election day, if you whittle that down to 20 then you have a much smaller percentage of those voters who show up on election day.”

Hill then accused Gong of having already made up his mind about the mail-in only ballot option.

In response, Gong asked the board to have the issue put on a future agenda to allow him time to examine the issue and create a report.

Hill continued to rebut, and County Counsel Rita Neal signaled to Arnold to stop the discussion. Neal then informed Hill that extending the conversation could result in a Brown Act violation.

Even so, Hill continued to argue his points while Arnold asked him to take a pause.

You are being very disrespectful,” Arnold said.

No, you are being reactionary,” Hill said.

You are not being respectful of the process,” Arnold responded.

This is not a Tea Party meeting, I am a colleague of yours. He started to speak, and I wanted…,” Hill said before Arnold turned off his microphone.

Later in the meeting, the board voted unanimously to ask Gong to bring a discussion of the mail-in only ballot proposal back to the board of supervisors.


So who really cares anymore? This continual reporting of Hill’s action or demeanor is getting very, very, very old. If no one paid any attention to this behavior – it would probably stop. But as long as this type of behavior continues to be reported on, as if it was “Breaking News” then Hill is going to keep it up. He feeds off of this attention that he gets.

So I would challenge Cal Coast News ( and everybody else) to just ignore him. It is obvious, by this time, that the voters in his district love him (only God knows why) and he ain’t going nowhere.

Stop feeding his ego.

what the

Don’t ignor him, prosecute him.


Not by DA Dan Dow, he will always protect his buddies.


Take a close look at Hills face, study his facial expressions, listen to his tone of voice. This is a Bipolar, mentally challenged person, in denial of his condition who desperately needs professional help. Accepting others opinions and views is one thing, keeping a sociopath in office making critical decisions affecting public welfare is not OK.

nazbol gang

We need more strong men on the board to tell people like Hill to “SHUT THE F UP”. The time for nicey nicey HR type language is over.


What a piece of


Erik T

Adam Hill, a member of the illegally formed executive board of the IWMA. This means Adam Hill is under criminal investigation for embezzlement along with Bill Worrell and Charles Tenborg. You are skating on thin ice, Adam.


People need to wake up and stop the corrupt SLO Progressives, Harmon, and Hill and the developers who pay them off.


A dirty sock in his mouth secured with duct tape around the cabeza would be more effective

nazbol gang

I like it. That sounds like the beginning of turning this county around. In my novel I’m writing of course


Same old AH.

Without the Brainwashed Denizen of CP

This Idiot would have been kicked to curb awhile ago.

Make a rule that if you are not a full time citizen of SLO County you can’t vote.


That unholy cabal of SLO would all be out on the street.

I spend my money in other Cities.


Hill is a buffoon

Vote him out


Everyone seems to know Hill is beyond hope except for the voters in District 3.