Hazmat crews called out to Cal Poly for hot water leak

April 1, 2019

What happens when hot water leaks from a boiler at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo? Roads are closed, buildings are evacuated and the Hazmat team is called out. [Cal Coast Times]

On Monday, Hazmat teams came out to the Cal Poly campus over a substance eventually determined to be hot water that leaked from the central plant boiler, according to the university police department.

Cal Poly initially sent out an alert saying a hazardous substance was found in the parking lot between buildings 41a and 41b. Authorities evacuated buildings 41, 13 and 7 and instructed members of the community to stay clear of the area.

Authorities closed California Boulevard to vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Additionally, North Perimeter Road was closed from University Drive to California Boulevard.

Classes were not taking place on Monday. Cal Poly’s spring quarter begins on Tuesday.


Everyone who knew what they were doing over there has left. It should have taken campus personnel 5 seconds to figure out what was happening, but instead no one had a clue and about $20,000 was expended in fire trucks, firemen, hazmat teams, ambulances, and on and on and on. They need a few more knowledgeable workers and a lot less associate vice presidents over there.


Under the philosophy of never letting a good crisis or even an imagined one go to waste the first responders probably used the opportunity to stage a hazmat drill.


Who are the first responders we need to thank? Plumbers or Hazmat crew?

On another note, my hot water heater burst last month. We closed the block, forced the neighbors to evacuate and called Hazmat. After being reassured that the water was not dangerous to us if we didn’t drink it, we called a plumber who installed a new, federally inspected and approved water heater.

After the new heater was installed, the police lifted the evacuation notices and allowed cars and pedestrians back on our block. Better safe than sorry!

Some statements in this post might be missoverexagerated.


The indoctrinators at Cal Poly deamed it a a hazardous substance and called in the hazmat team. Just think if Chicken Little had a PhD he how he might have done the same instead of the stupid actions that uneducated bird undertook. Imagine all the professors and administrators running around screaming “The water is leaking”. Wont happen in our enlightened society .


Seems reasonable to me, those college students might get burned before they figure out not to touch it.

Godless Heathen

A hot water leak on a college campus is a hazardous substance. A hot water leak in the real world is a hot water leak.


So it seems that Trump and his staff is behind this leak. He was seen lurking around the water tank with several MAGA hat wearing transients.

Thanks to the brave plumbers (first responders) who used their expertise to diagnose that the leak was hot water. Kudos and a great big hug to the administration who were wise enough to close down the roads and evacuate people. And lets not forget the Hazmat team! Had this been a real emergency….like if cooking oil or vinegar or (gasp) PAINT! had leaked from something, these guys would know exactly which state statutes to follow and exactly what codes and language to use on the report.

With the president lurking around and we can’t be careful enough! So proud of our students, campus workers, first responders and admin!


Educated morons. How will they ever make their way thru this dog eat dog world.


What happens when you get a society of uselessly over educated people with no practical capability. Why importation of a class of uneducated people is necessary so someone knows how to close a valve.