Two large hotels planned for SLO airport area

April 2, 2019

A developer has submitted initial plans to the city of SLO for building two hotels next to San Luis Obispo County Regional Airport, which if built, would become the first lodging constructed beside the airport. [Cal Coast Times]

Templeton-based Sunsmit LLC and applicant Sanjay Ganpule are proposing a pair of three-story hotels, each 45 feet tall, on a five-acre site by Highway 227 and Aero Drive near the airport parking lot. One hotel, to be located at 950 Aero Drive, would have 100 rooms, and the other, located at 990 Aero Drive, would have 118 rooms.

Plans call for the two hotels to have outdoor patio and dining areas, meeting space, fitness rooms, breakfast areas and hotel guest bars. The larger hotel would also have a 490-square-foot pool. The amenities would only be available to guests and not the public.

Project planning is currently in the early stages. At the earliest, the developer hopes to break ground by late spring or mid-summer in 2020.

Previously, developer Hamish Marshall’s WestPac Investments proposed a hotel at the site of the new project. Plans fell through amid the recession a decade ago, and the hotel was never built.

In recent years, the San Luis Obispo airport has added flight routes, as well as a new terminal. On Tuesday, American Airlines will kick off year-round service between SLO and the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.


This would be GREAT! Imagine the pressure it would put on those two POS hotels going up in Downtown SLO!


Sooo does the city, county or state have plans to improve infrastructure in this area to accommodate the increased traffic from the new hotels or the airport expansion? Wait, I can answer this…..OF COURSE NOT!!! Smart growth is never on the Progressive agenda.


Poor SLO. Slowly losing it’s character one building at a time. It will soon look like every other metropolis in this state. Thank God they’re bringing us so many more places to spend our money on shit we don’t need ;)


Huh.. Who do they think is going to fill all of these rooms? I guess if they want to take the business risk to build these, that’s their business. But it just seems ill conceived to me.