McClatchy downsizing, SLO Tribune moving headquarters

April 11, 2019

As part of a downsizing of the newspaper’s operation, the San Luis Obispo Tribune is moving to a new, smaller office. [Tribune]

In an article penned by The Tribune’s local editor Joe Tarica, the newspaper announced it will move on Monday to an office located on Tank Farm Road near Broad Street. Specifically, the daily newspaper is moving to Suite 220 inside the Edna Valley Office Building at 745 Tank Farm Road.

The Tribune will be departing its South Higuera Street location that was custom-designed for a newspaper publishing operation in 1993. Now, the printing presses are long gone from the South Higuera Street location, and The Tribune has a smaller staff that focuses on digital news, Tarica wrote in the article.

The Tribune is now primarily printed in Santa Maria. Also, as a result of McClatchy’s recent nationwide reorganization of its newspapers, The Tribune now has a an out-of-town publisher, as well as a regional editor based in Sacramento.

On Wednesday, McClatchy’s stock closed at $3.95, the lowest it has been in recent months, if not years. The newspaper publisher is currently faced with a $150 million lawsuit that was filed by United States Congressman Devin Nunes (R-Tulare) over reporting by The Fresno Bee.

The Tribune is closing its South Higuera Street office Thursday evening. It will then use the next three days to move to the Tank Farm Road office building.


Good riddance.

The Trib is a shadow of it’s former self and they have no one to blame but themselves. We subscribed for years but the political agenda veered so far to the left that they make New Times reporting look balanced.


video killed the radio star and the internet killed the newspaper. when the lightbulb was invented I’m sure kerosene sales took a hit as well. The business is now obsolete.


McClatchey and the SLO TT is a failed business model, and that is becoming apparent.


If the paper is printed out of town and their focus is shifting to digital print, why do they need an office at all?

McClatchy could save money by giving them library cards and they could file their stories using the computers at the City-County library.



With a simple internet connection, the liberals on the SLO TT editorial board can just sit at home smoking weed, and file their garbage editorials after watching their heroes at MSNBC!


I read if for the obits….everything else, sports, local news, not worth the price. Someday it will be gone entirely I hope!!


I agree. The obits is something that they can’t fudge on. The ultimate obit will be theirs.


Wait until you go to place an obit. Pricey…