SLO City inspector placed on leave after assault conviction

April 17, 2019

Chris Olcott’s victim unconscious on the cement floor


Amid public outrage over a San Luis Obispo City inspector’s unprovoked assault on a woman and a man at a local nightclub, on Tuesday city administrators placed Chris Olcott on paid administrative leave. [Cal Coast Times]

More than a year ago, city administrators discovered that Olcott had been arrested on felony and misdemeanor battery charges. Even so, Community Development Director Michael Codron recently awarded Olcott a promotion and a raise.

On Monday, Cal Coast Times published an article about Olcott’s battery conviction, along with a video of the assault, which prompted a barrage of emails and calls to city staff and officials from concerned citizens.

Before noon on Tuesday, City Manager Derek Johnson announced Olcott would be placed on leave while the city conducts an investigation.

On May 28, 2016, Olcott was drinking at Mr. Rick’s in Avila Beach when he purposely bumped into Camile Chavez, a special education teacher at Righetti High School. After he pushed her a second time, Chavez pushed back.

Within seconds, Olcott hit Chavez in the temple with his elbow, which knocked her unconscious.

Olcott then punched Chavez’s companion, Isaac McCormack, in the back of the head three times. Both Chavez and McCormack suffered concussions during the assault.

After Olcott pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor assault charge in exchange for a dismissal of the felony charge, San Luis Obispo County Superior Court Judge Jacquelyn Duffy sentenced Olcott to 60 days in jail with a three-year suspended sentence. He is scheduled to begin his jail sentence on May 20.


Yippie!!! A paid vacation while he sits in jail.

I didn’t realize that the city benefit package was so generous.


Not going to sit in jail. “Weekends” (x15) can/will be “community service”, i.e. picking up trash at county parks 8hrs/day Sat/Sun. And the county jail is full thanks to Jerry Brown. No room at the Inn.


If I was doing some building on my house and required an inspection, I would specifically direct the city NOT to send this Olcott thug to my home.

Russ J

Extreme bad behavior has no consequences when it comes to government employment. Just look at LA school teacher Mark Burndt, He was called out numerous times for inappropriate behavior years before it was found that he fed semen laced cookies to his elementary age students. Nothing was done prior to this atrocity. There will be a moment when this unbalanced individual lashes out again someone and turns him into a vegetable. Then, tax payers will foot the bill and have to pay for a life long condition that this jewel created. Love our governmental leaders.


Don’t worry Chris Olcott.

The city will keep you on paid leave throughout your 60 day incarceration which I hear is now 30 days…soon to be weekends or maybe just home detention with an ankle bracelet.

And don’t worry Chris Olcott if you loose your job because you can always go full “Mason Firefighter” on the city and get your job back with back pay.

Or you could always apply for the GM at the Oceano Community Services District.

They are always looking for a person of your caliber.


Is it 60 days or 30 days consisting of 15 weekends of “community service”? “Enquiring minds need to know”. My guess is that there is no way he will behind bars for 2 months straight. Save that for the Messicans.


Per the SF Chronicle, 30 days, not 60, and I believe that will be picking up trash at County parks for 15 weekends. They are not going to lock him up for one single day. Of course they credit The Tribune for breaking the story.


Funke says on TV “she wasn’t knocked unconscious she was just drunk”. The D.A. weighs it out and says “we might need this jerk attorney in our corner at some point” so the deal is done!


Yup, she was just drunk and fell down. Same for her companion.


Building inspectors come to your house to inspect things. You going to feel safe getting a SLO building permit knowing this guy’s coming to your house?


That is the decision of the City and the Union. DUI; the City could say our insurance doesn’t cover drivers with a DUI. Theft; the City could say we cannot allow you access to private properties under the color of authority. Is Olcott going to throw an elbow to my head in the course of his employment with the City? I can’t see that happening.


I’m wondering why there was a hung jury from the 13 day trial. As written in the story from 3 days ago.


How in the world can this guys boss allow him to remain employed after seeing that?….if you ask me he and everybody above him needs to be fired…especially the one that gave him a raise after this occurred….this anger management beacon needs to get fired without pay…before he does this again…..


If you’re guilt is in doubt you probably will not be charged by the DA. If you’re guilty any competent attorney, even a public defender, will get you a good deal you do not deserve but is necessitated by priorities and budget constraints. If you’re 110%-O.J.-guilty and the DA won’t deal you get Ilan, that is if you can pay. But I’m sure as hell not going to vote for his twisted and manipulated logic to be elevated to the bench.


But Ilan is just doing his job. He is required to give the best possible defense, and try to see it from a different point of view. What we should be concerned about is the incompetence of the D.A. We certainly don’t need any more incompetent prosecutors elevated to the bench. I would rather have someone who defended people and did a good job of it.


How was the DA “incompetent”? The video is the whole story, and Ilan “just doing his job” to justify the viscous attack.