SLO City inspector placed on leave after assault conviction

April 17, 2019

Chris Olcott’s victim unconscious on the cement floor


Amid public outrage over a San Luis Obispo City inspector’s unprovoked assault on a woman and a man at a local nightclub, on Tuesday city administrators placed Chris Olcott on paid administrative leave. [Cal Coast Times]

More than a year ago, city administrators discovered that Olcott had been arrested on felony and misdemeanor battery charges. Even so, Community Development Director Michael Codron recently awarded Olcott a promotion and a raise.

On Monday, Cal Coast Times published an article about Olcott’s battery conviction, along with a video of the assault, which prompted a barrage of emails and calls to city staff and officials from concerned citizens.

Before noon on Tuesday, City Manager Derek Johnson announced Olcott would be placed on leave while the city conducts an investigation.

On May 28, 2016, Olcott was drinking at Mr. Rick’s in Avila Beach when he purposely bumped into Camile Chavez, a special education teacher at Righetti High School. After he pushed her a second time, Chavez pushed back.

Within seconds, Olcott hit Chavez in the temple with his elbow, which knocked her unconscious.

Olcott then punched Chavez’s companion, Isaac McCormack, in the back of the head three times. Both Chavez and McCormack suffered concussions during the assault.

After Olcott pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor assault charge in exchange for a dismissal of the felony charge, San Luis Obispo County Superior Court Judge Jacquelyn Duffy sentenced Olcott to 60 days in jail with a three-year suspended sentence. He is scheduled to begin his jail sentence on May 20.

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Paid leave. That one hell of a punishment. Where do I sign up. This guy should be jobless and in prison, not jail.

The city didn’t do the only right thing when they discovered it, just after the public did. Got it. Why am I consistently disappointed in SLO’s civic leaders?

Well I’m guessing he’s to young to go into early retirement after his paid vacation is over but that doesn’t leave out some sort of permanent medical disability with a 100% salary for life.

Maybe the mayor can cut through the red tape and fire this person. That is an option. He can no longer do his job effectively because of his actions.

I can’t imagine any citizen allowing this man on to THEIR property to inspect anything.

Especially so, if I were a woman, Hispanic or both.

An inspector who can no longer inspect should not employed by the city. No review needed.

Chris now gets a paid vacation. When this all blows over, he’ll be back harassing builders.

I heard that his victims did NOT get any paid time off after their concussions.

So you are saying that you are an incompetent builder who cannot justify your work? Please let us know who you are so we can warn your future clients/victims.

……checking the resume……

Violent tendencies? check

Enough strength to knock a women unconscious? check

Alcoholism? check

Likes to work for government? check

Strong possibility of committing domestic violence? check

Mr. Olcott, please let me be the first to welcome you to the police academy! You’ll make a fine officer. Your physical and psychological make-up fits perfectly with the archetypal law ENFORCEMENT profile!

Start taking your steroids!

“Paid administrative leave”? Are you frickin’ kiddin’ me?!!!!

So, someone like me (or you) would get jail time and lose our jobs but this best friend of your Community Development Director not only gets a “paid vacation” but a raise just before leaving? Now an investigation using your tax dollars?! What the frick! I guess a guilty plea to beating the chit out of two people isn’t good enough, huh? Residents of SLO you’re getting reamed by those who are suppose to be serving you, jeeez!

Once again the public shames the officials into action.

Why is that person not is prison for potentially deadly assault? Coward, feels like a “tough guy” hitting a small woman and punching a man from behind. That’s the profile of a bully future wife beater or child abuser.

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