SLO City Manager calls employee’s behavior appalling

April 24, 2019

San Luis Obispo City Manager Derek Johnson called the actions of a city employee during a fight at an Avila Beach bar “appalling” and said that he takes his obligation to the public very seriously. Johnson also said that he was unaware of the unwarranted violence until Cal Coast Times published the video online.

Johnson’s statement

“This week, a video showing a seemingly unwarranted act of violence by Mr. Christopher Olcott, on two other individuals in May 2016 was released online. The City had not seen the video prior to its publication and did not have any detailed understanding of the underlying facts of the case, until the video appeared online this week. Immediately after becoming aware of the video, the City placed Mr. Olcott on administrative leave out of the work place.

“The actions depicted in the video are appalling and we share the community’s shock in this incident. We are committed to a thorough and expeditious review of all available information from the criminal trial and other relevant information to determine whether there is a nexus between the off-duty crime and Mr. Olcott’s employment. The focus of the investigation will be on Mr. Olcott’s ability to perform the duties of his job effectively and in the interests of workplace and community safety.

“There have been understandable questions regarding why the City did not take any employment action against Mr. Olcott sooner. It is not the City’s general practice to monitor the private, off-duty activities of its non-sworn employees. Peace Officers are required to report off-duty criminal activities, the City is notified of Department of Motor Vehicle designated violations for all employees who drive City vehicles and we would also be advised of relevant off-duty conduct by employees who work with children.

“We hold all employees to a high standard of service and behavior, and we take our obligation to maintain public trust very seriously. All public employees understand that the public has a right to expect that we conduct ourselves in a manner that reflects our community values. Community and workplace safety and the impacts of Mr. Olcott’s conduct on the public’s perception of safety and confidence in the City will be primary considerations in our confidential personnel investigation.”



This whole sordid affair shows how Heidi Harmon really feels about women, and, for Ms. Harmon, the concepts of equality and #MeToo are simply campaign talking points. Certainly, Heidi Harmon and Derek Johnson knew the intimate details of their employee Chris Olcott’s attack on two innocent people, and they chose to cover up the scandal.

The City of San Luis Obispo, land of the so-called Progressives, has a history of covering for their criminal employees, and its as if being a criminal city employee is simply a perk of the job. City employees can beat their wives/girlfriends, work with marijuana growers to subvert our democracy, steal from the taxpayers, beat down members of the public for no good reason, etc., etc., etc.

Get it? Heidi Harmon and Derek Johnson knew about this incident and did nothing about it until Cal Coast News forced their hand, and that speaks volumes about their real character. These people talk a good game, but, underneath, they couldn’t care less about their own employees beating innocent women for no reason at all. For them, #MeToo is a joke.

Fire Chris Olcott, AND fire Heidi Harmon AND Derek Johnson. Make them share a cell with the baddest criminal at the California Men’s Colony.


People! Fellow Central Coast dwellers! Greetings:

Let’s not make such a fuss over this! All he did was knock a woman unconcious (grade 2 concussion, possibly grade 3) and concuss another man. 2 closed head injuries. Big deal.

It’s not like he blew second hand smoke, or made an insensitive comment or something really serious. It’s just physical assault against a non-protected, non-enhanced rights segment of our population.

He should quite his city job and go to work as a cop. He’s got all the qualifications including alcoholism and violent tendencies. Don’t be so hard on the guy!

Like I said, it’s not like it’s a “hate” crime or using the “n” word of something serious.


You’re right, it’s not as if he drove his car somewhere that was bicycle accessible.


Exactly! Had he exhibited non-inclusive behavior, or said hurtful words or caused the bycicle community discomfort….these are serious crimes.

But punching white folks? C’mon! Shoot….assault is no big deal, folks. Officer McGuire didn’t get charged for assault. Offixer Geiger got off when his playful puppy killed some guy…

He shouldn’t even be punished.


“Now that you all found the video, I am appalled at this man!”


Maybe he knew, Maybe he didn’t, The important thing, he is reacting appropriately now! My question, Why are we all just now hearing about it? Why has is taken so long to prosecute? Why wasnt this video shown back in 2016?


I would have preferred to hear from the Mayor.


Good luck with that Mr. Yan…


“The City… did not have any detailed understanding of the underlying facts of the case, until the video appeared…”

Uh, somebody please help me here- just what the Hell is all that double talk supposed to actually mean?


See kayaknut’s comment below foe explanation.


**New Idea** Fire the city manager for bringing shame to the city. Heck, you all know he knew the details back then yet chose to do nothing.

Fire this guy so the two can have a nice time looking for work together.


If I ever required a building inspection at my house, I would tell the city not to send Olcott. I wouldn’t allow someone like that on my private property.


It sounds like the SLO city manager is setting us up for something like, “but since this incident happen while the employee was not at work, there is nothing we can do”, and he’ll be back at work soon.