SLO County gas prices nearly highest in the nation

April 20, 2019

Amid a spike in gas prices across California, drivers are paying more at the pump in San Luis Obispo County than in nearly every other region nationwide. [Cal Coast Times]

As of Saturday morning, the average price for a gallon of regular gasoline in SLO County is $4.197, according to AAA. Only four counties in California, all of which have populations of less than 20,000 people, currently have higher average gas prices than SLO County.

In Los Angeles and San Francisco counties, where drivers often pay more at the pump, the current average gas prices are $4.078 and $4.163 respectively. Statewide, the average is $4.028, more than $1 more than the national average of $2.842.

Gas prices have spiked in California in recent weeks, with drivers in the state now paying the highest amount at the pump since July 2014. One month ago, the state average for a gallon of regular gasoline was $3.374.

AAA attributes the sharp gas price increase in California largely to both expected and unexpected maintenance upgrades and repairs taking place at refineries. Six of California’s 10 refineries have recently seen reductions in output, gasoline included, because of maintenance work and repairs.

Imports are currently helping resupply gasoline in California while refineries undergo repairs, but transportation expenses subsequently increased, and the added costs were passed on to the consumer. Additionally, there is currently a switchover to the more expensive summer-blend gasoline, which causes prices to increase nationwide.


SLO and SB counties rely on the tourism dollars to line the pockets and pad the bank accounts of the wealthy. Us poor folks who have to go to work for a living are the ones who suffer for this. Funny how the gas prices always go up this time of the year, when the tourists start heading over here to spend their bread on having a good time.


And guess what – you all drank the Kool-Aid -the bill of goods that a gas tax would improve our roads! Don’t count on any of that money coming here, it will go to LA/Orange County where the vast majority of legislators are from, and to the Bay area for more trains. But enjoy this price – over time the tax will rise to 72 cents a gallon, making $4 gas look relatively cheap.

Worst part is, this hits the working poor the hardest, who have older, less fuel-efficient cars and commute further to jobs due to housing costs. Rural areas like SLO County pay disproportionately more and get less or nothing!

Gas is under $2 a gallon in most of the country and their roads are in better shape despite the challenges of rain, snow, and ice. Blame Sacramento for wasting money and everyone who voted against Prop. 6 to repeal the tax.


Can anyone say “Yellow Vest”?


“Can anyone say “Yellow Vest”?”



Irregardless of what your political views may be to different elected officials everyone should be able to figure out that this is just the annual rip off by the oil industry that we are subjected to every year at this time. What a coincidence? Everyone can predict this. Yes it’s mainly caused by being on the tourism route. The cities have promoted tourism for one reason and one reason only and that’s for the money. So if they are coming with money the oil folks just get in line. There is a reason why you can get off the main tourist route and see fuel drop as much as 10 cents per gallon and that’s when there may only be a 1/4 mile difference in location. It’s the CA rip off and nothing more.


Actually, in California only 42% is the price by the oil companies. Since we don’t allow refineries our special gas is refined out of state and brought in (27%). The democrats in Sacramento slap on a 13% excise tax (2nd highest in the nation), other state and local 4%, federal tax 6% etc.. (source San Jose Merc).

The US is now a net exporter of oil. Due to government waste, we don’t reap the benefits.


“Since we don’t allow refineries” Simply not true as there are at least 15 refineries in California.

Corporate greed crosses party lines but you can pretend it’s all the democrats fault if it makes you feel better.


I say Democrats because they run California, hate oil, love big government and high taxes. That’s indisputable.


I dont think you can put the blame entirely on big oil by any means. If so how was it then gas on the CC was near $4 a gallon and in Bako or Fresno its far less. Same goes when crossing state lines. Under $2.40 a gallon in adjacent states, yet on the CC its $3.85 give or take. Ca has the ports, the refineries and mass volume of sales yet its the highest, even higher than Hawaii, cant truck it there can ya?.Then we’ll use the gas station in Shell beach or the ones by the Outlets for example. Big oil really charging an extra .50 a gallon to deliver there cause its shell or Pismo Beach? No, not even, its local greed capitalizing on the tourist season. Go on gas buddy and see just how bad Ca is getting charged due to enviroMentalism, high taxes and greed.


Irregardless? Isn’t a word per se. Adding “Ir” to regardless creates a double negative meaning; you should pay attention with “regard”. Which is the opposite of the point you’re trying to make.

Regardless of that your fact your correct to follow the money. To that end; I always end up at the refineries who seem to have a lot of “unexpected” maintenance which shortens supply every year.


…and you’re correct to point out the misuse of “your” in the response I offered.


Rich in MB

This is a good thing folks.

Higher carbon fuel taxes result in less consumption and that results in less CO2 released.

The SLO County Princes have also BANNED Natural Gas appliances from New Construction and remodels, so just want until those happy folks get their first electric bill for their electric hot water heaters, dryers and Stoves. If CO2 really is as Bad as they say, then this is a small price to pay to save the world for China…..Right…..


“The SLO County Princes have also BANNED Natural Gas appliances from New Construction and remodels, ”

This is simply not true and it is Fud/fake info.


Actually it is SLO Mayor Heidi Harming who is behind this.


No, it is you and Rich in MB who are behind this Fud.

Down vote all you want, does not make this “have also BANNED Natural Gas appliances ” fake statement true.


funny how the refineries all go down at once this time of the year


Do we here in California have any representatives watching out for us?…why are they allowing us to be ripped off?…..


“… why are they allowing us to be ripped off?…..”

Because they are the ones doing the ripping.


This is news?

Of course they are! Duh.

Any coastal community that relies on heavily on tourism and development to fund it’s infrastructure has expensive gas.

Who’s complaining? Any person who doesn’t drive a fuel efficient vehicle. Or any moron who applauded Pres.Trump overturning rules requiring cars be fuel efficient. I didn’t think that was your demographic.


Do you mean a government subsidized fuel efficient vehicle?….


Next time you want some work done we’ll see just well an econo box does hauling construction materials and tools to your house. You did notice the story says the central coast, not Ca or the nation. Its under $3.50 a gallon in Hawaii, guess that’s excluded as a tourist destination from your theory of justification.. Californians are getting F’ed ,that’s all.


My Sister who lives back East sends me pics of the gas prices, so I send her pics of the beach when she’s blurred in snow.


And yet we still don’t have money for road maintenance, I wonder where all that new tax went to?????? salaries, perhaps????


Think about that one. The gas tax and the outrageous DMV fees. Just how many $$trillions$$ was that and the road sucks.