Woman killed in Oceano crash identified

April 22, 2019

The woman killed in a five-vehicle crash at the Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area Friday night has been identified as Narcissa Lichtman, 44, of San Jose, according to KSBY.

At about 7;30 p.m., a group of people were following each other in five off-road vehicles in the Vent Pipe area. The vehicle Lichtman was in drove off a 25- to 30-foot dune at about 60 mph.

In total, four of the vehicles crashed, though not into other vehicles, and four people were injured.

Park rangers performed CPR on Lichtman and were able to restart blood flow. After arriving at Arroyo Grande Community Hospital, her condition deteriorated and she died.


When driving the dunes you maneuver west to east at a slow rate cause the drop offs run from west to east as the wind blows west to east most of the time .. The wind shapes the dunes ….once a person knows the terrain then more speed is possible.