Paso Robles man tries to sell stolen chainsaw to officer

May 22, 2019

Harrison Labarbera and Miguel Ramos Jr.

Paso Robles police arrested two men on Tuesday after officers caught one of the suspects in a sting aimed at recovering stolen chainsaws. [Cal Coast Times]

On May 11, a Paso Robles resident living in the 2800 block of School House Circle accidentally left his garage door open overnight. The next day, the resident found someone had entered his garage and stolen three Stihl chainsaws, according to the Paso Robles Police Department.

Shortly afterwards, investigators found an ad for chainsaws, posted by Harrison Labarbera, 29, of Paso Robles. An undercover officer then arranged to meet with Labarbera under the pretense of purchasing one of the chainsaws.

At about 11:30 a.m. on Tuesday, Labarbera arrived at Pioneer Park in a stolen white Nissan Altima driven by 34-year-old Miguel Ramos Jr., police said. Laberbera tried to sell the chainsaw to an undercover officer, and police converged on the area.

Ramos tried to drive away, but officers stopped his vehicle. Labarbera fled by foot, but police quickly caught him.

Officers arrested Labarbera for possession of stolen property, conspiracy and possession of methamphetamine. Officers arrested Ramos on charges of possession of stolen property, driving on a suspended license, providing false ID to a peace officer, possession of drug paraphernalia, conspiracy, violation of probation and for having multiple warrants.

Police recovered one of the stolen chainsaws. Investigators believe Labarbera successfully sold the third chainsaw.

Officers are requesting that anyone who purchased a Stihl chainsaw from Labarbera to contact the Paso Robles Police Department in order to return the saw to its rightful owner.


tweakers, thieves, serial burglars. Bah. Cut ’em in half with the chainsaw from the evidence locker, and be done with it. Cannot list all the things I’ve lost to thieves in a lifetime. Some good ideas were in the Code of Draco. Off with their heads!


Is Labarbera related to SLO Prosecutor and Judge Berry Labarbera ??? With a first name of Harrison seems possible


Who gets the movie rights for “The Paso Robles Chainsaw Massacre”?


The guy on the left still looks surprised….


I lost 150k to thiefs at a 2nd home I owned …they knew i was out of town …most of it was machining machines and hand tools and tool boxes along with multiple rvs and farm equipment and a 7600.00 wood burning stove from my living room ..classic cars and race cars also etc etc .After statue of limitations was up they sent me photos of my possessions and told me what they did with some of the vehicles . Law enforcement said nothing they could do ….Real Dirtbags to steal tools and then Bragg how much of Dirtbags they truly are. .


How much does a hot chainsaw fetch on the black market at Pioneer Park? Wouldn’t it just be easier to get a job? Even part time….? I dunno, just an idea


Yeah, especially with the tight job market you would think it should be easy to make decent money.


Most employers require a drug test before hiring. I doubt this guy could pass.


Awesome! Just recently had 15k worth of saws stolen from my yard. Stealing someones tools is low. Throw away the key!


I don’t think many people understand how hard of a hit that is since the robbers are essentially taking part of your livelihood away if the tools are not insured.